Oyster Bagel Sandwich


2014年6月5日 (木曜日)


Oyster Bagel Sandwich




Denman-san, how come you’ve picked up “Oyster Bagel Sandwich” as a title for today’s article?

The other day, I read your blog and realized that you mentioned it.

Oh … did I?

Yes, you did.  Actually, I wrote an article about it in Japanese.  So, I re-write it here in English.


Hi, Mari-chan, how’s it going?

I’ve noticed that you spent so many hours building up your English blog.

So I decide to support you as much as I can, and set up a thread called “Dialogue with Mari” in Denman Blog.

Here is the fourth article for the thread.


“Bagels@Granville Island”


Granville Island has a bagel shop called “Siegel’s Bagels.”


In the above shop, they make “stuffed bagels.”

Mari-chan, have you ever seen “stuffed bagels”?

I’ve seen those for the first time.



I post the above two pictures for you so that you might as well make stuffed bagels some day.

Mari-chan, I’ll tell you what.

Why don’t you make a Japanese-style stuffed bagel with Satsuma-imo or yam?


Think about your unique filling with one-of-a-king Japanese taste for your stuffed bagels, which your prospective employer would be more than happy to see.

In any case, have a good day.

Bye now.


2014-04-23 09:41

SOURCE: “夢とベーグルとカナダ”



Thanx a million, Denman-san (*^_^*)!!

There will be still eighty-eight more to write so that my readers could read the 100th article!(^^)!

I’ve seen the thread in your “Denman Blog.”


“Enlarge the above picture!”

“Biker Babe”


I’m having a hard time in translating your articles.(^_^;)☆☆

“Siegl’s Bagels” has really interested me.

I’ve never eaten a stuffed bagel with smoked meat, though you can easily find bagel-sandwiches with smoked meat.

Please let me know how you like a stuffed bagel with smoked meat when you eat it.(●^o^●)

I’ll do my best to make a creative stuffed bagel with one-of-a-king Japanese filling.(*^_^*)

Denman-san, do you have any suggestion?

What kind of filling would Vancouverites accept?

Do you think that Vancouverites could accept Japanese-style filling?

The other day, I happened to find an interesting book on bagels.

Described in the book are “Oyster Bagel Sandwiches.”(^^)!

I don’t remember which country has those sandwiches.


It looks so delicious!

I’ll try to make it some day.

Thank you again, Denman-san, for your support.(^^)!


2014-04-24 00:12

SOURCE: “夢とベーグルとカナダ”


Now, Mari-chan, do you remember the above comment?

Yes, I do.  Actually, I made some oyster bagel sandwiches and wrote an article about those.

I know… I know … I read it a little while ago.


“Actual Article”

Oh, it looks so delicious.





As soon as I see the above pictures, my stomach starts rumbling and I feel quite hungry.

Oh, do you?

I wish I could fly over to your bagel shop and gobble it up right away.

Denman-san, here is an old saying: “The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives.”

Yes, it sounds absolutely right on.

I’ll make a special fried oyster bagel sandwich for you when you visit my shop in October.


I can hardly wait.


【Himiko’s Monologue】


I love bagels as well as bagel sandwiches.


Of course, I like bagels with lox.


By the way, have you ever eaten kidney puddings?


It looks so delicious, doesn’t it?

How about Yorkshire scones?


Yorkshire Scones

I like scones and puddings regardless of Yorkshire or any other.

By the way, Mari-chan writes her own blog.

Please click the following link.


“Mari-chan’s Blog”

I hope Denman-san will write another interesting article.

So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …



If you’ve got some time,

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Hi, I’m June Adames.

Have you ever read James Herriot’s short stories?

I’m an enthusiastic fan of James Herriot.

In his stories you will find Yorkshire scones and puddings.


Author Profile: James Herriot

I like his stories because I love his animal stories.

Yet animals play a lesser, sometimes even a negligible, role in many of Wight’s tales.

The overall theme of his stories is Yorkshire country life, with its people and their animals as primary elements, which provide their distinct character.

Furthermore, it is Herriot’s shrewd observations of persons, animals, and their close inter-relationship, which give his writing much of its flavour.

Herriot was just as interested in their owners as he was in his patients and his writing is, at root, an amiable but keen comment on the human condition.

The Yorkshire animals provide the elements of pain and drama.

The role of their owners is to feel and express joy, sadness, and, sometimes, triumph.


ENGLAND Herriot country

(Yorkshire Dales)








『軽井沢タリアセン夫人 – 小百合物語』






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