Mozzarell & smoked chicken Bagel Sandwich

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Mozzarell &
smoked chicken
Bagel Sandwich



Hello, Everybody!

This is Mari.
Here is my favorite—Mozzarell & smoked chicken Bagel Sandwich.


Today I cooked a bagel with graham flour.
I changed temperature and time and baked it to make a difference like this~…


I tried to change forms a little bit.


↑400F / 17miniutes


↑450F / 14miniutes


When you see the above two sets of bagels, you notice the difference in the color.
The color of the bagels baked at 400F is somewhat whitened brown.
Those baked at 450F is brown.


I like this.
In terms of form and color, this one becomes the best for the day.


This picture shows sectional views.
The left side——400F/17minutes
The right side—-450F/14minutes
The bagel at the left is soft as much as the one at the right.
To make a sandwich, it is easy to use a soft bagel.


The above sandwich contains:

cream cheese
Potherb Mustard
smoked chicken

If you like, you may as well sprinkle your favorite seasoning such as ground pepper, cayenne pepper pouder, other aromatic spices or shichimi togarashi(七味唐辛子).

By the way, shichimi togarashi, which literally means “seven flavor chili pepper”, is a common Japanese spice mixture containing the following seven ingredients:

1) coarsely ground red chili pepper (the main ingredient)

2) ground sanshō (山椒) or ground Japanese pepper

3) roasted orange peel

4) black sesame seed or white sesame seed

5) hemp seed

6) ground ginger

7) aonori (dried sea weed)

Enjoy it~~




When you take these sandwiches to a picnic or for lunch to treat your friends, you may wrap your sandwiches with a label that has ingredients written on it so that your friends will know for sure what they eat.

In any case, I hope these bagels will satisfy the stomach of your friends.


see you~~~


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