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Soft Japanese Bagel





Hi, my name is Mari.

I’m a baker and baking soft Japanese bagels

They say, “Bagels are so hard to eat!”

But my bagels are soft, chewy and yummy!

The bagels I’ve baked recently are as follows:



This is a soft onion bagel.

Using this bagel, I’ve made it into a fried-oyster bagel sandwitch.


If you want to know how to make it, please take a look at the following article in my own blog:


“Fried Oyster Bagels”


The next bagel is a “bagel pizza”—my own creation.




It is soft yet crispy and, of course, yummy!

How do you make it?—you may ask.

Well… take a look at the following article:


“How to make bagel pizza”


You might as well bake your own kind of bagel pizza with your favorite topping.

One of my favorites is the following Croque-Monsieur-style bagel.




It looks delicious!—don’t you think?

If you want to know its recipe, please take a look at the following article:


“Croque-Monsieur-style bagel”


I don’t think you’ve ever heard of “JAGEL” as a kind of bagel.

If you search on GOOGLE, you may see the following results.


【Search Results at the present】


About 401,000 hits are too mnay, but none of the results match the “JAGEL” which I’ve just coined for “soft Japanese bagel.”

Jagel might mean many things, one of which is a name for a German town in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg as shown in “Wikipedia”.




Why did I coin the word?

Well … Spreading the taste of “New Japan”—soft Japanese bagels or JAGELS is my dream.

I’ve just posted this article in Denman’s blogs.

Denman is one of my uncles.

He’s been living in Vancouver for more than 20 years.

His blog “Denman Blog” is read by Net citizens all over the world.


Access from Overseas




“Denman Blog”


I’ve got another big, big, big dream.

Some day, I’d like to own and operate a chain of bagel shops called “JAGEL” all over the world just as in the above map and list.

When I was a small girl, living in Vancouver was a dream simply because Uncle Denman and kayo-chan, one of my girl-cousins, lived in Vamcouver and my relatives talked to me about both of them.




Beautiful Vancouver






I’m now living in North Vancouver with a Japanese Canadian family.




North Vancouver


Lonsdale Avenue


Now I love and enjoy every minute of the day here in North Vancouver.

Auntie Karen loves my soft, chewy and yummy bagels.


She once ejaculated, “Oh, Mari, this is one of the best bagels I’ve ever tasted in my whole life.”

I’ve been here in North Vancouver for 2 months now, and am looking for a job as baker.

The problem is I don’t have a work permit nor a permanent resident card.

I’ve heard that I might get a job offer more easily in the North than in Vancouver.

So, if you’re a bagel shop owner or a cafeteria manager in Yukon, Alberta, North West Territories, or Northern Ontario and willing to sponsor me and help me get a visa, I would be more than happy to talk with you.

Please contact me at barclay1720@gmail.com

In any case, thank you for reading this article, and really wish that you will take a bite on my jagel some day.

Bye now.

【Denman’s Monologue】


Oh, yeeeesss!
Mari’s bagels are so soft, chewy and yummy—far from hard traditional bagels.

She was born and brought up in Japan.
She has 8-year experiences as baker in Japan as shown in her resume below:


North Vancouver, B.C.

Contact: barclay1720@gmail.com


Baker @ Bagel de Japon

May 2012 to 2014

Job Description and Specification:

1)-Give customer satisfaction in any ways by carrying out efficiency and accurate services,
2)-Purchase all ingredients and materials for products,
3)-Ensure that all ingredients and materials are available or ready before the start of baking,
4)-Monitor ingredients consumption and ensure that all inventories are in acceptable levels at all times,
5)-Take part in all the phases of baking a variety of bagels,
6)-Handle orders and make sure that required bagels are delivered to customers.

Baker @ Panetteria Tokio

July 2009 to April 2012

Job Description and Specification:

1)-Give customer satisfaction in any ways by carrying out efficiency and accurate services,
2)-Bake French rolls, baguettes, ciabattas, bagels, and focassias,
3)-Purchase all ingredients and materials for bakery,
4)-Prepare ingredients and materials to bake bagels and bread,
5)-Mix and bake ingredients to produce breads, pastries, and other baked goods.


Professional cook Certificate (Japan)
Class 3 Certificate in the official Business Skill Test in word Processing (Japan)
Class 3 Certificate in the Professional Sales Skill Test (Japan)


School Name: Utsunomiya Commercial high school
Location: Utsunomiya, Tochi-ken, Japan
Period: April 1998 to March 2001

Field of study: Commerce


-Volunteer work as baker to bake bagels and bread to the poor and the needed,
-kitchen skills such as proper handling of food items, inventory check-up, and maintaining food hygiene,
-Shop skills such as order-handling and keeping good customer-relations,
-Restaurant skills such as wine serving, making cocktails, and maintaining proper standard for service sequence,
-Office skills such as Excel, word-processing and blog-writing,
-Maintaining proper standard for service sequence.

blog: http://mannmarude.exblog.jp
instagram: mmaa.mariii



As Mari wrote in her article, she has now settled in North Vancouver and enjoys Canadian life to the hilt.

She is one of the most hardworking, cheerful and good-natured women I’ve ever known in my life.
Mari has excellent people skills and gets along well with almost everyone and she has no trouble getting to know new people.

She used to work in a fun-loving, friendly, well-organized bagelry, and wish to work in the same work environment.
If you give her an opportunity to bake her jagels, I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading my monologue.


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