Selfish TD Bank

Saturday, February 2, 2013
Selfish TD Bank


TD Bank with
No Business Sense


Rude TD Bank

TD Bank
without Courtesy


Kato, what’s the matter with you?  Are you angry with TD Bank?


Yes, I was.  TD Bank pissed me off.

Did they?  How come?

Well … I’ve received the following special offer from the bank:

Here’s how to use

your enclosed TD Visa cheques:


From now until February 28, 2013, use your TD Visa Cheques to pay off other higher-rate non-TD credit card balance. It’s easy.

  • Write each TD Visa Cheque for any amount, up to the available credit limit on your Card.

  • Present it to the non-TD credit issuer you wish to pay.

  • The amount on the Cheque will be charged to your TD Credit Card Account ar an interest rate of 2.9% for 6 months.

I see… So you tried to take advantage of the 2.9% special offer, did’t you?

That’s right.  Instead of writing a cheque, I phoned the TD bank to avoid walking to my Royal Bank brach to pay off the Royal Bank visa balance—roughly $5,800.

Then what happened?

I talked to Erica—one of the representatives at the TD bank.  Just read the following conversation:


My name is Erica.  How may I help you?

Could you do a balance transfer for me?

Yes, I think I can.  Let me have your name and account number, please. (I gave her the required information.)  Let me get into your account on the computer… Well … Unfortunately, your account is closed.

No kidding!  You see, I’ve received the special offer from your bank, and your bank sent me an account statement as of January 7, which I received 10 days ago.  How could you possibly close my account?

Let me see… According to your file on the computer, your account has been closed automatically because you haven’t used your credit card for 2 years.

Look!  I haven’t received any notice regarding this closure.  Yet, you sent me a brochure of special offer and still keeps on sending me account statements. And you’re saying that my credit account has been automatically closed.  Why the heck is that?

I don’t know exactly what happened.  It seems that your account balance is zero and no activities have been taken place during the last 2 years.  So the computer has closed your account automatically.

Listen!  Apparently there is no internal communication between the computer and the human beings at your bank.  Lack of proper communication!  Do you know what I mean?  This is a serious mistake arising from the lack of proper communication at your bank!

I apologize for the inconvenience.

I don’t need your apology.  What I want you to do is to re-activate my account.

I don’t think I can.

Why not?

…’Cause I don’t have any authority to do that.

I think your bank has a serious problem now.  I’ve been doing business with your bank for more than 20 years.  That is, my credit account has been at your bank for more than 20 years.  In the previous years, when no activities took place on my account for 2 years, you sent me a notice whether or not I’d like to continue to hold an account.  And now your dumb computer automatically closed my account.  This is one of the most foolish bank activities I’ve ever heard of.

I’m sorry but I can’t help you on this matter.

Well, in this case, I’d like to place a formal complaint.  Please give me the name of your vice-president in charg of customer services or credir card operations so that I can write a letter of complaint.

You can’t do that.

Why not?

…’Cause you’d have to comply with the bank’s procedure if you want to place a formal complaint.  First of all, one of our officers would have to evaluate your complaint wether or not to proceed.

That’s a piece of nonsensical bullshit!  Listen, Erica!  We live in a free world, you know.  Have you ever heard of freedom of speech or freedon of expression?

Yes, of course, I have.

Then I don’t need to obey your rule!  I should be able to say or write whatever I want to complain without your evaluation.

But you have to comply with my bank’s procedure.

Listen, Erica!  I don’t have to obey your rule, which is NOT a law.  If I like, I could report this to the world.

… to the world?  How could you possibly do that?

Well … I’m a blogger, and my readers are all over the world—79 countries if I tell you exactly.  When the people all over the world get to know this foolish bank activity, they try to avoid TD Bank.

Wait a minute!  I don’t think I can handle this problem any more.  Would you like to talk to my manager?

Yes, of course, by all means.


Good morning.  My name is Christopher.  My Employee ID is 30223.  How may I help you?

Your computer did automatically close my account without sending me any notice.

I suppose it’s for security reason.

Are you saying that I’m a security risk?

No, you are NOT.  Since you haven’t used your credit card for two years, somebody else might use it.  That’s the kind of security risk I’m talking about.

You’re talking about the your bank’s security, not customers’ satisfaction.  They say, customers are a king, but at your bank, the dumb computer seems to be a king. Accordingly, without any communication between the stupid machine and the human, your bank made a serious mistake.  So I want you to re-activate my account right away.

Sorry, but I can’t do that.

Why not?

I’m not allowed to do that, Sir.

So at your bank, your dumb computer is the real king, isn’t it?

No, it is NOT, but I can’t re-activate your account.

As a manager you should be able to override the dumb computer’s foolish decision, shouldn’t you?

At my bank, unfortunately, this is not the case, Sir.  Anything else I can help you with?

No, nothing else.  If you’re inferior to the dumb computer, I don’t think I should talk about anything else with you.

Kato, that’s not nice.  Christopher is smarter than the dumb computer.

But he is not given any authority to override the stupid decision the dumb machine made.  This means that the top manager at TD Bank relies more on the computer than on his human subordinates, doesn’t it?

Well … but Kato, you might as well talk to Christopher politely.  By the way, Kato, how come Christopher wears a turban?

He has a strong East Indian accent.

Is he an East Indian by birth?

I assume so.  But don’t take me wrong.  I don’t mean that East Indians are inferior to the dumb computer.  Nor has I racial prejudice.  I myself have a strong French accent.

No, Kato, that’s not right.  You’ve got a strong Japanese accent.

I think the top managers at TD bank seem to imitate their American counterparts.

How do you mean?

They work for themselves to make profit, instead of meet customers’ satisfaction.

Are you saying, Kato, American bank managers are ignoring the customers’ satisfaction.

Diane, have you viewed the movie called “Inside Job”?

I don’t think I have.

The following DVD describes the mindset of the top financial managers in North America.  As you see, this DVD is in a big demand ‘cause nine people are waiting to see this DVD at Vancouver Public Library.


【The Actual Catalogue Page】

Are you saying, Kato, the above “Holds: 9” means that nine people are waiting?

Yes, I am.  Mind you, thare are 42 copies altogether.  If you’ve got some time, I strongly recommend that you view the above DVD.

Do you really mean it?

Yes, of course, I do… ‘cause, as I made a comment, the film is described by Ferguson as being about “the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry and the consequences of that systemic corruption.” The film shows how changes in the policy environment and banking practices helped create the financial crisis. You can easily understand that how the American financial industry set out deliberately to defraud the ordinary American investor and customers.

So, Kato, are you saying that you are one of the victims of the malpractice of the TD Bank for their selfish, unilateral secirity purpse?

Yes, I’d say so.

By the way, Kato, the readers of your blog are spreading all over the world—namely, 79 countries.  Is that true?

Yes, of course, I’m not joking, nor jesting.  Look at the following list.



I see… so net surfers from 79 countries might read this article.  Is that it?

You’re telling me, Diane.  I hope the top managers at TD Bank will read this article.

Do you think they re-activate your account?

I doubt, but some top managers at other banks might read this article and would like to re-think about customers’ satisfaction, insetaed of their own selfish security check, so that the banks could serve customers better.  This is the point I wanna make.


【Himiko’s Monologue】


Well … what do you think?
A couple years ago, Kato had a trouble with one of the Japanese banks—namely, Ashikaga Bank (足利銀行).
I wonder if he was born with a bad luck to get into troubles with banks.

In any case, I hope Kato will write another interesting article soon.
So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …



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Hi, I’m June Adams.

TD Canada Trust is the personal, small business and commercial banking operation of the Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) in Canada.

TD Canada Trust offers a range of financial services and products to more than 10 million Canadian customers through more than 1,100 branches and 2,600 “Green Machine” ABMs.


The current TD Canada Trust division was formed after TD’s acquisition of Canada Trust in 2000.

All new and most existing accounts are officially issued by TD Bank (Institution Number: 004), although Canada Trust (Institution Number: 509) remains a separate subsidiary entity, and remains the issuer of accounts opened at that institution prior to the merger.

Over the past year, TD has been phasing out the “Canada Trust” part of its name from its logo online, in advertisements, and on stationary.

It is possible that this is a move to consolidate TD’s Canadian and American (TD Bank North) retail brands, but this is unknown at this time.

Worth approximately $9.7 billion, TD has been regarded by as Canada’s most valuable bank.

Occupy Vancouver protesters

take over downtown TD Bank









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