You’re in a good shape

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
You’re in a good shape

You are in


a good shape!


I hope you enjoyed the Saturday outing.

From Kato

Date:Mon, May 16, 2011 4:07 pm.

Hi, Diane.

How’s it going?
I hope you enjoyed the Saturday outing.
I missed you so much. Ha, ha, ha, ha,…

I wonder if your coughing is gone now.
Probably, you might need to balance yin and yang foods as you’ve been enjoying too much of your favorite peppermint-flavored coffee.

Yin & Yang Foods

At the beginnning of Chinese civilization, people ate whatever the Earth offered with no thought given to what may be poisonous.
Soon, people grew sick—some even died.
Upon learning this, the mythical Shen Nong Shi (Holy Farmer Fellow) began teaching people how to forage for and grow nonpoisonous plants.

Around this time, the Chinese defined 100 plants that could be used as food, 100 plants that could be used as medicine, and 100 plants that could be used both as food and medicine.
For example, hawthorn fruit is used in China as food and as a heart medicine, while Chinese dates are both a popular snack and a treatment for boosting red blood cell counts.
The same categories are still being used today in Chinese medicine.

The Chinese (as well as the Japanese) continue to believe that food is a more effective medicine than human-made drugs.
Unlike drugs, which treat a specific body condition medicine (and in turn can lead to separate health conditions), healing foods address both the condition and the body with more success, fewer side effects, and less overall damage to the patient.

As a general rule, the Chinese categorize foods as either yin or yang.
Yin foods are eaten to balance yang conditions within the body or surrounding environment, while yang food are eaten to balance yin conditions within the body or surrounding environment.

Yin foods:

melons, green vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruit juice, dairy products, watery foods, green tea.

Yang foods:

bananas, nuts, seeds, legumes, oils, fatty or rich foods, black tea, pungent spices, chocolate, coffee.

As you see, Diane, your favorite peppermint-flavored coffee is one of yang drinks.
So you might have to take a lot of yin foods such as greens and juices.
Anyway, other than coughing, you’re in such a good shape that I’m not worried about your coffee in-taking.

So much for yin and yang foods.
Now, you need a lot of laugh to fend off your worries.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…

As usual, here’s an article just for you.
Please click the following link:

“Jane Again”

(May 16, 2011)

…hope you’ll enjoy it.
Have a nice day!
Ciao with a lot of love.


So, Diane, how was your Saturday night fever?

I enjoyed the Saturday night outing to the bone.

Oh, yeah? Enjoying your life to the hilt is one thing, and keeping yourself in a good health is another.

Yes, I know that, Kato.

But, Diane, you’re still coughing once in a while.

Well,…I try to do the best to keep myself in a good health.

The other day, Diane, you mentioned “qigong”, didn’t you?

Yes, I did, Kato. Have you found out the word in Japanese?

Oh, yeah. In Japanese, “qigong” is called “kikou”.


So, you’re doing the Qigong Chinese healing exercise, aren’t you?

Well…, no, not really. I’m too busy.

So, you’re disco-dancing everynight in the downtown club, aren’t you?

Don’t be silly, Kato. I’m busy doing volunteer work.

I see. Diane, I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you try the Qigong Chinese healing exercise?

Don’t be foolish, Kato. I don’t have much time to do such an exercise right now.

Yes, you can. Since you’re on the net, I’ll whow you the video.

Oh, that was nice. But, I couldn’t strech my arms and legs on the keyboard.

I know. Why don’t you do the same thing when you get back home?

I will.

By the way, Diane, have you ever tried to balance your yin and yang foods?

Oh, yes. Since coffee is one of yang drinks, I’m having some tea these days. Unfortunateky, however, I’m still coughing from time to time.

Well, in that case, you migh as well see the following video for better health.

That was nice. I like Chinese food.

Everybody seems to like Chinese food. Anyway, Diane, do you know the idea of yin and yang?

I think I know.

To be on the safe side, you’d better watch this video.

…sounds nice, but that was too short a video. I’d rather watch a much longer video.

Well, in that case you might as well watch this video. I’m pretty sure you love this one.

Oh, yes. Thank you, Kato. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to keep better performance in my bedroom with that sort of dieting. Hu, hu, hu, hu, hu…

I’m glad to hear that, Diane.

But, before I go to my bedroom, I’ll take a stroll along the English Bay tonight. Will you come with me, Kato?

Of course, I will, Diane. It’s my pleasure, but the English bay is uninteresting. I’ll take you to Paris.

Don’t be silly, Kato. How could you possibly take me to Paris?

It’s really simple. Since you’re on the net, I want you to jump into the following video so that you should be able to stroll width me along the sidewalk in Paris.



【Himiko’s Monologue】

Wow! What a romantic city!
I wish I were in Paris.
How about you?

Travel is one thing; romance is another.
Well, come to think of it, I’ve never met a decent man in my life.
How come I’m always a loner?
I wish I could meet a nice gentleman at the library in my town as Kato met Diane.
Well, they say, there is a way where there is a will.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …


“Queen Nefertiti”

“Catherine de Medici”

“Catherine the Great”

“Mata Hari”

“Sidonie Colette”

“Marilyn Monroe”




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パリと言えばイヴ・サンローラン(Yves Saint LAURANT)の

「リヴ・ゴーシュ(rive gauche)」という香水があります。





















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