Roof of Vancouver


Thursday, June 4, 2015


Roof of Vancouver



The Vancouver Lookout



The Top of Vancouver

Revolving Restaurant


Kato, what do you mean by “Roof of Vancouver”?


Of course, I’m talking about the top of Vancouver.  Have you been up there?

Oh yes, a couple of decades ago, I went up there… In those days, they called it differently.

Oh yeah?  What was it called years ago?

Maybe “Roof of Vancouver”… I’m just kidding.  Anyway, Kato, how come you’ve brought up “Roof of Vancouver”?

You see, Diane, World Trade Center is gone now.


Are you saying some terrorists will attack the top of Vancouver in the near future?

No, I don’t think there’ll be any terrorist attack, but the top of Vancouver might be destroyed.

…destroyed by what or who?

Well … back in 2012, I wrote about Vancouver Earthquake.

Vancouver Earthquake




Kato, are you saying that we’re gonna have a big earthquake in the near future?


You bet on that, Diane.

No kidding!

Diane, are you aware that we had several quakes in the past?

No, not really.  As a matter of fact, I’ve never felt a sizable quake here in Vancouver.  Have you, Kato?

Well… compared to the quakes I experienced in Japan, the quakes here in Vancouver for the past 20 years are almost next to nothing.  I’ve never felt any danger whenever Vancouverites were worrried about tiny quakes.

Tell me, Kato, if there were any recorded quakes in and around Vancouver.

Yes, there were quite a few.

You must be kidding!

Well…, if you say so, look at the following chart.


The mark on the left means a big quake that happened in ths past.

Wow! …  So, in 1909 there was a big one in Vancouver, wasn’t it?

You’re telling me, Diane.

But I’ve never felt a sizable quake here in Vancouver.

… simply because you were lucky … you were at the right place and at the right time so that any quake didn’t hit you dead.  But a big one is coming.

You mean, a giant quake like the one that took place in 1700?

That’s right.

No kidding!  How do you know?

Well … I’ve watched the following DVD.


■”Actual Listing Page

DVD Description

Uses earthquake survivors’ account and interviews with experts to uncover the significant earthquake dangers that are unique to Cascadia, the region that surrounds the Cascade mountain range, extending from southern British Columbia to northern California.

Discusses the effects of previous earthquakes in the region, including the 1964 Alaska earthquake and the 2001 Nisqually Quake.


Kato’s Comment – Aug. 15, 2012

If you live in the northwest of America—that is, Cascadia, you should be prepared for a giant earthquake.
Since 10,000 years ago, 18 earthquakes of magnitude 9 and over (equal to the East Japan Great Earthquake that devastated Fukushima and its surrounding areas in Japan on March 11, 2011) have caused catastrophic damages on the coasts of Cascadia.

Seemingly, a super-quake occurs approximately every 500 years.
The last super-quake attacked Cascadia on January 19, 1700.

So, a super-quake might take place along the Cascadia subduction zone any time because 312 years has already passed since the last super-quake.
Mind you, a 500-years cycle is an approximation.

If you’re in doubt, watch the DVD for yourself.

Tōhoku Earthquake 2011


But, Kato, how do you know that the super quake occurred in 1700?

A certain geologist dug up the old layers of the earth near Vancouver and found out the trace of giant tsunamis that had taken place 18 times since 10,000 years ago.


Besides, the 1700 super-quake was recorded in the Japanese chronicle.



Why on earth in the Japanese chronicle?

Well …, the super quake in 1700 created the super tsunami, which hit the pacific coast of Japan.


The Japanese people at the time were totally puzzled because they didn’t felt any quake at all.

So scientists found out recently that the 1700 super quake caused the super tsunami that devastated the pacific region of Japan, didn’t they?

You’re telling me, Diane.

But I can hardly believe that a big one is coming to Vancouver.

Well…, I searched for the video clip on the Net so that you could understand the imminent danger caused by a super-quake.

Did you get it, Kato?

Yes, I did.  Here it is.

Cascadia Subduction Zone

M9 Earthquake Imminent


Amazing! … Unbelievable!

Seeing is believing, isn’t it?

I wish I hadn’t seen it.

Diane, a super quake is coming to Vancouver for sure.

I hope not.

Vancouver Earthquake

You must face the reality, though nobody can tell exactly when a big one will come.

If a super quake occurs every 500 years, then we still have 188 years before the estimated super quake in 2200.

Diane, the 500-year cycle is an approximation.  A super quake may occur tomorrow.  Nobody knows for sure, but the big one will certainly come in the future.

I hope, a super quake won’t hit Vancouver in my lifetime.

SOURCE: “Vancouver Earthquake”
(September 29, 2012)

So, Kato, do you think the top of Vancouver will be toppled down when a mega earthquake hits Vancouver?

Yes, that’s a possibility, isn’t it?



So the top of Vancoure revolving restaurant might disappear in the case of a mega quake… That’s why you went up there with Mayumi and enjoyed dinner with her, isn’t it?



You’re telling me, Diane.  You wouldn’t be able to visit World Trade Center in New York, would you?

So, Kato, you enjoyed the Vancouver view from the top of Vancouver before a meg quake hits Vancouver.  Is that it?

Yes, you’re right on.


【Himiko’s Monologue】


Have you ever been to Vancouver?

It is a beautiful city—one of the best cities in the world.




Beautiful Vancouver





Kato says that Vancouver is a paradise.

As you know, however, nothing is perfect, nobody is perfect.

So no city is perfect.

However, no matter what disaster hits the city, I wish, Vancouver remains to be a beautiful city.

In any case, I hope Kato will write another interesting article soon.

So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!

Bye bye …



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Hi, I’m June Adams.

Kato is a real movie lover, who tries to watch 1001 movies by the end of this year.



“Actual Listing Page”


So far, he’s watched 822 movies.

That is, he must see 179 more movies to accomplish his goal.

I’m particularly interested in Number 812 in the above list.


“Actual Catalogue Page”

Kato jotted down his comment as follows:

This is a documentary originally broadcast on July 19 and July 20, 1998 on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

Especially interesting for Vancouverites is an upcoming Cascadia earthquake, which takes place in an every-300-to-400-year cycle.

The last such earthquake occured at 9:00 PM on January 26, 1700.

This earthquake created a giant tsunami that hit hard at the Japanese coast.

Hence the Japanese document at the time recorded the devastating disaster.

So, some scientists predict that the next Cascadia earthquake will take place within 100 years.

It is an amazingly interesting documentary.

The above comment sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it?

Why don’t you see it?

Well, if you’re not a registered patron of the library, you might just as well watch the following video clip.



MegaQuake Could Hit North America

BBC (Full Documentary)








『軽井沢タリアセン夫人 – 小百合物語』







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