Amazing Two-legged Pooch

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Amazing Two-legged Pooch



Kato, have you got an amazing two-legged dog?

Me…?  Oh, no, I don’t have such a mind-boggling pooch.

Then, how come you talk about such an unbelievable dog?

Well … I’ve read a newspaper article about unusual dogs.

Pooch Saved from Foreclosed Home


Naki’o, a red heeler mix breed, has received four prosthetic limbs in Denver, Colorado.

Naki’o was found in the cellar of a Nebraska foreclosed homw with all four legs and its tail frozen in puddles of water-turned-ice.

What frostbite didn’t do, a surgion did, amputating all four legs and giving him four prosthetics.

Two-legged Dog Vid


A nine-month-old boxer named Duncan barrelled down a beach in Oregon, running full tilt on soft sand into YouTube history and showing more than four million viewers he can revel in a good romp despite lacking back legs.

SOURCE: “Dog days of prosthetics”
Metronews Weekend April 17-20, 2014

Wow!  Amazing!  Are these dogs real?

Yes, of course, they are.  Community papers are not supposed to publish false stories.

So, Kato, you’ve tried to find YouTube video clips for the above pooches, haven’t you?

You’re telling me, Diane.  Here are the amazing video clips:

Naki’o—Bionic Dog

Two Legged Boxer Duncan Lou

Amazing Two hind-legged Dog

Britain’s Biggest Dog

Friendly Grizzly Bear

Living With Tigers

Lion Tamer Teenager

So, Diane, how do you like the above video clips?

Just amazing!  I can’t find right words … Beats the hell out of me.

I’m pretty sure, your brain and nerves have been quite agitated by now.  So, why don’t you take a close look at the following pictures.


Croque Monsieur style Bagels


Tomato Cheese Bagel Sandwich


Strawberry Sponge Cake



Fried Minced Meat Hamburger


My Favorite Sweets

So, Kato, what about the above pictures?

Aren’t you hungry, Diane?

Well … To tell you the truth, my stomach is rumbling while watching the above pictures.  Who made all the above?

Mari did.

Did Mari make all the above from scratch?

Yes, she did.


…’Cause she would like to impress her prospective employers in Vancouver.

No kidding!

Actually, I wrote an article about a bagel shop on Granville Island.






Denman-san, is Granville Island a famous spot in Vancouver?

Yes, it is.  Almost all the tourists visiting Vancouver enjoy strolling on Granvile Island.  Mari-chan, I’ll take you to the island when you come to this city.

I’d love to visit the island, but how come it is so famous?

Well … actually, it is not an island.  It might have been an island a long time ago, but it is now connected to the town.  In a sense, it is a fashionable waterfront public market with various kinds of shops, stores and restaurants as well as some entertainments such as theaters and exhibition halls.  If you want to know more about it, click the following link:

“Grandville Island”


Denman-san, is there any particular reason for you to bring up the island?

Good question, Mari-chan!  Yes, there is a good reason.  You would be more than happy to visit the island because there is a bagel shop specializing in authentic Montreal-style bagels.  If you want to know more about the shop, click the link below.



“Siegel’s Bagels at Granville Island”

Denman-san, how come you introduce this shop to me?

‘Cause this shop makes stuffed bagels with smoked meat.



Ummmm… looks delicious.

Indeed, it does, eh?  Mari-chan, I’ll tell you what.  Why don’t you make a Japanese-style stuffed bagel with Satsuma-imo or yam?

SOURCE: “Bagels@Granville Island”

Mari has a dream one day she would like to make delicious Japanese-style bagels in Vancouver.

Are you saying that Mari is doing job-hunting while writing articles about her self-made bagels, burgers and sweets?

Yes, that’s right. Diane, don’t you think she’s making such delicious goddies that Vancouverites would be more than happy to have Mari in Vancouver?

I’m pretty sure we’d be more than happy to meet Mari in Vancouver.

Well…, then why don’t you jot down a line or two in her blog?

How can I find her blog?

Just under each picture in the above is a link you could click. Mari would be more than happy to see your comment.


【Himiko’s Monologue】


A bagel is a bread product, traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand-sized, which is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked.

The result is a dense, chewy, doughy interior with a browned and sometimes crisp exterior.

Bagels are often topped with seeds baked on the outer crust, with the traditional ones being poppy or sesame seeds.

Some also may have salt sprinkled on their surface, and there are also a number of different dough types such as whole-grain or rye.

How to Make Bagels

Bagels have become a popular bread product in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, especially in cities with large Jewish populations, many with different ways of making bagels.

Like other bakery products, bagels are available either fresh or frozen, and often in many flavor varieties.

The basic roll-with-a-hole design is hundreds of years old and has other practical advantages besides providing for a more even cooking and baking of the dough.

The hole could be used to thread string or dowels through groups of bagels, allowing for easier handling and transportation and more appealing seller displays.

In any case, I’d like to meet my “Romeo”—a decent man in my future life.

How come I’m always a loner?

I wish I could meet a nice gentleman at the library in my town as Diane met Kato.

Well, they say, there is a way where there is a will.

I hope Kato will write another interesting article.
So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …



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Hi, I’m June Adames.

The Montreal bagel is a distinctive variety of handmade and wood-fired baked bagel.

In contrast to the New York-style bagel, the Montreal bagel is smaller, sweeter and denser, with a larger hole, and is always baked in a wood-fired oven.

It contains malt, egg, and no salt and is boiled in honey-sweetened water before being baked in a wood-fired oven, whose irregular flames give it a dappled light-and-dark surface colour.

How to Make Montreal-Style Bagels at Home

In many Montreal establishments, bagels are still produced by hand and baked in wood-fired ovens, often in full view of the patrons.

There are two predominant varieties: black-seed (poppy seed), or white-seed (sesame seed).








『軽井沢タリアセン夫人 – 小百合物語』






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