MH370 Mystery


Wednesday, January 27, 2016


MH370 Mystery





Kato, are you talking about the disappearance of the Malaysian airline flight 370?


Yes of course, what else?

But it disappeared on May 8, 2014, didn’t it?

Yes, it did.

How come you’re talking about it now?

Well… At Vancouver Public Library, I borrowed and viewed a DVD about the incident on the New Year’s eve.


“Actual catalogue page”

I see… but why on the New Year’s eve?

… simply because I wanted to know what really happened before the year ended.

It has something to do with those terrorists, hasn’t it?

What makes you think so, Diane?

I watched the following news:

You see, Kato.  Eleven suspected terrorists were arrested in connection with the MH370 disappearance.

I know… I know… Some people believe that the terrosists hijacked the plane, but so far there are no direct evidences and links to the MH370 disappearance.

Then who hijacked the plane?

Some say there was a conspiracy.

What kind of conspiracy?

There is a famous video made by the “Anonymous”:

A patent (#8671381) was approved days after the disappearance of the MH370, and the right to the patent was split five ways – 20% to Freescale Semiconductor and 20% each to four employees, all of whom were passengers on the plane.  The patent deals with fabrication of integrated circuits on a semiconductor wafer.  The above spokesman claims that Rothchild owns the plane and, as a shareholder, he also owns Freescale Semiconductor in part.

So what?

Somebody tried to kill those patent owners on board so that the patent shares go to Freescale.  However, the urban myth website suggests that there is no evidence that the four inventors listed on the patent application were on the MH370 passenger list, nor that they were entitled to a 20% share of the patent, and it says it is unlikely that their share would revert to Freescale on their death.

So, Kato, there is no Rothchild conspiracy, huh?

But there is another conspiracy theory.  Retired Delta Air Lines Captain Field McConnell claimed that the aircraft was seized to obtain stealth knowledge of classified patents from 22 Chinese employees of Austin-based Freescale. McConnell also claimed that the company has developed a classified technology that uses paint and electronics to enable traditional aircraft to be overhauled into stealthy jets.

I see… but to obtain stealth knowledge of classified patents, the aircraft should remain in perfect shape, shouldn’t it?

Yes, it should.

Unfortunately, in July 2015 the authorities reported that the aircraft crashed in the Indian Ocean, didn’t they?

You’re right, Diane.  The plane debris was found on a beach in Saint-André, on Réunion, an island in the western Indian Ocean, about 4,000 km west of the underwater search area.  The object had a stenciled internal marking “657 BB,” consistent with the code for a portion of a right wing flaperon (a trailing edge control surface) from MH370. The following day, a damaged suitcase was found which may be associated with Flight 370.

So what actually happened?

That’s the reason I watched the DVD.  I’ve found the same YouTube video clip so that you can view it here:


The aircraft’s final automated position report and last transmission, using ACARS protocol, was sent at 1:07 AM Malaysian time, wasn’t it?

Yes, It was.


automatic communications

addressing and reporting sysytem


In aviation, ACARS is a digital datalink system for transmission of short messages between aircraft and ground stations via airband radio or satellite.

The protocol was designed by ARINC and deployed in 1978, using the Telex format.

More ACARS radio stations were added subsequently by SITA.

ACARS as a term refers to the complete air and ground system, consisting of equipment on board, equipment on the ground, and a service provider.

On-board ACARS equipment consists of end systems with a router, which routes messages through the air-ground subnetwork.

Ground equipment is made up of a network of radio transceivers managed by a central site computer called AFEPS (Arinc Front End Processor System), which handles and routes messages.

Generally, ground ACARS units are either government agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration, an airline operations headquarters, or, for small airlines or general aviation, a third-party subscription service.

Usually government agencies are responsible for clearances, while airline operations handle gate assignments, maintenance, and passenger needs.

The ACARS equipment on the aircraft is linked to that on the ground by the datalink service provider.

Because the ACARS network is modeled after the point-to-point telex network, all messages come to a central processing location to be routed.

ARINC and SITA are the two primary service providers, with smaller operations from others in some areas. Some areas have multiple service providers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The final verbal contact with air traffic control occurred at 1:19 AM, when Captain Shah acknowledged a send-off by Lumpur Radar to the air control tower of Ho Chi Minh City.

The crew was expected to contact air traffic control in Ho Chi Minh City as the aircraft passed into Vietnamese airspace, right?

Yes, Diane, you’re telling me.

But the crew didn’t contact, did they?

No, they didn’t.  But the captain of another aircraft attempted to reach the crew of Flight 370 just after 1:30 AM using the international distress frequency to relay Vietnamese air traffic control’s request for the crew to contact them.

What happened then?

The captain said he was able to establish contact, but only heard “mumbling” and static. Calls made to Flight 370’s cockpit at 2:39 and 7:13 were unanswered but acknowledged by the aircraft’s satellite data unit.

I gather the crew intentionally cut the communication.

Diane, are you saying that the crew might have hijacked the plane by themselve?

It’s a possibility, isn’t it?  Besides, I came across the following passage when I was googling on the Net:


Shortly after Flight 370’s disappearance, media reports revealed that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s wife and three children moved out of his house the day before the disappearance.

A friend claimed that Captain Shah was seeing another woman and Shah’s relationship with her was also in trouble.

Claims of domestic problems have been denied by Shah’s family.

A fellow pilot and long-time associate of Shah stated the Captain was “terribly upset” that his marriage was falling apart.

Police were also investigating reports that Shah received a two-minute phone call prior to the flight’s departure from an unidentified woman using a mobile phone number obtained with a false identity.

Furthermore, Captain Shah was also a supporter of Malaysian opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim, who was sentenced to jail on 7 March after an earlier acquittal on sodomy charges was overturned in a move viewed as politically motivated.

So, Diane, you think Captain Shah did hijack the plane, don’t you?

It’s quite likely, isn’t it?

I don’t think so. If Captain had a suicidal motive, he would have flown toward the Indian Ocean in the first place.

If Captain Shah didn’t do it, then who did it?

Well… Two men actually boarded Flight 370 with stolen passports, one of which is one Austrian and the other Italian. They were reported stolen in Thailand within the preceding two years. Interpol stated that both passports were listed on its database of lost and stolen passports, and that no check had been made against its database. Malaysia’s Home Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, criticised his country’s immigration officials for failing to stop the passengers travelling on the stolen European passports.

Kato, are you saying those two men hijacked the plane?

No, not really.  You just can’t trust the passenger list.  I’m just saying that the culprit is not listed in the passenger list.

So, somebody used the false identity, huh?

That’s right. I would call him Badawi Razak, who is a lone hijacker in his fifties. He was once a jet pilot in the Malaysian Air Forces, then retired when he was fifty and started work as a commercial pilot.  When he was studying in the States, he came across a book called “The Bermuda Triangle.”


The above book gave him an irreversible impact.

What kind of impact?

Diane, have you ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle?

Yes, I have.

Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

According to the US Navy, the triangle does not exist, and the name is not recognized by the US Board on Geographic Names.

Popular culture has attributed various disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings.

The earliest allegation of unusual disappearances in the Bermuda area appeared in a September 17, 1950 article published in The Miami Herald (Associated Press) by Edward Van Winkle Jones.

Two years later, Fate magazine published “Sea Mystery at Our Back Door”, a short article by George X. Sand covering the loss of several planes and ships, including the loss of Flight 19, a group of five U.S. Navy TBM Avenger bombers on a training mission.

Sand’s article was the first to lay out the now-familiar triangular area where the losses took place.

Flight 19 alone would be covered again in the April 1962 issue of American Legion magazine.

In it, author Allan W. Eckert wrote that the flight leader had been heard saying, “We are entering white water, nothing seems right. We don’t know where we are, the water is green, no white.”

He also wrote that officials at the Navy board of inquiry stated that the planes “flew off to Mars.”

Sand’s article was the first to suggest a supernatural element to the Flight 19 incident.

SOURCE: “Bermuda Triangle”
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So, Kato, are you saying the “Bermuda Triangle” made Badawi Razak hijack MH370?

Yes, it did.

But I don’t believe the “Bermuda Triangle” exists.

You’d better believe it, Diane. Here is a Bermuda Triangle video clip made by the prestigious National Geographic.

In any case, the disappearance of MH370 took place over the Indian Ocean—not definitely in the Bermuda Triangle.

You’re absolutely right.



You see, everybody knows that the Indian Ocean is far from the Bermuda Triangle.

I know… I know… but when you read the above book, you’ll know that there are mysterious triangles all over the world.

No kidding!

As a matter of fact, there is a dangerous zone called “Dragon’s Triangle” near Japan.


According to the author, five military vessels disappeared during 2 years between 1952 and 1954.

Are you saying, Kato, MH370 disappeared in a mysterious zone like the “Bermuda Triangle”?


No, I’m not, but the author suggests that there is also a dangerous zone in the Indian Ocean.


Motivated by the book, Badawi Razak hijacked the plane to find out the “Indian Ocean Triangle.”  Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Yes, I am.

But…, but… I doubt that anybody hijacks a plane to find out a dangerous and mysterious zone.

Diane, I’ll tell you, that’s not the only reason.

What else made him hijack the plane?

His doctor told him that he could live another year at most because he’d been suffering from cancer.

No kidding!?


【Himiko’s Monologue】


Can you believe that?

Well, I’m starting to believe it.

You see, there might be also a mysterious zone in the Arctic Ocean.

In the past there were some unexplainable disappearances in the region.

Canada extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres (3.85 million square miles) in total, making it the world’s second-largest country by total area and the fourth-largest country by land area.

Canada’s common border with the United States forms the world’s longest land border.

Naturally, many wild animals live in the vast land—especially in the northern part of the country.

Some of these animals are shown in this documentary called “Snow Babies,” which depicts the first year of baby animals and their families originally broadcast on television as individual episodes in 1996.

Prepare for your heart to melt as the “BBC Eath” program brings you an in-deapth look at adorable baby animals in the beautiful but harsh world of ice and snow.

It is a fascinating and entertaining documentary.

Please take a look at the following trailer.


In any case, I hope Kato will write another interesting article soon.

So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!

Bye bye …



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