Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It’s about time you get out!

Tues., June 11, 2013 10:18 P.M.
(Pacific Daylight Saving Time)

Hi Kato,

Thanks for the following interesting article.


“Banana @ Eden”

Well I never considered the apples to bananas possibility to tell you the truth.
oh, that Saint Jerome.
Fig leaves?

Well, you ARE a student .. albeit with a naughty mind.
But what can we do?

My Anglican church cautions us to take the Bible as a metaphor, not as a literal text, so the details we are told aren’t important.
Moreover, it is the message that Jesus is trying to teach through his parables that we can most benefit from.
Or something like that.
We’re all learning, isn’t that true?


It’s about time you get out and chase some real live women, kiddo.
I’ll have to keep looking for a good one for you.
I will. You’re ready I can see.


Luv, Diane ~


Yes, yes, yes… I’m looking!


Thurs., June 20, 2013 3:55 P.M.
(Pacific Daylight Saving Time)

Hi Diane,

So you’ve never considered the apples to bananas possibility, eh?

Oh yeeessss, I’m always a keen and enthusiastic student who is quite anxious to learn how to lead a good life.

Well … your Anglican church is quite right.
Take the Bible as a metaphor, not as a literal text, so the details we are told aren’t important.
Yes, it is the message that Jesus is trying to teach through his parables that we can most benefit from.

Yes, yes, yes … you’re right. We’re all learning.
That’s the reason I always try to be a keen and enthusiastic student.
I certainly wanna learn how to lead a good life.

“It’s about time you get out and chase some real live women, kiddo.”

“Yes, yes, yes … I definitely want to take your advice!”

“I’ll have to keep looking for a good one for you. I will. You’re ready I can see.”

“You bet on that, Diane.  By the way, I have a story to tell you.”

Yesterday, I was working at my usual “blue” computer on the 6th floor in the central library.
Totally absorbed, I was writing an article about “Cassiopeia Express”—the Japanese version of “Orient Express.”

Although written in Japanese, this article might as well give you a bliss of watching nice and fabulous pictures.


“Cassiopeia Express”

I was almost finishied with the above article when an old goofy-lookin man—apparently pensioner—disturbed me, saying “Excuse me, do you work here?”
It’s obvious! I was hard-working!—entirely absorbed in finishing up my story at the blue “intranet” computer!

Although he looked goofy, he was not feeble-minded, if not mentally retarted.
But his pronunciation was not quite discernible to my ears.

“I forgot to pick up blah blah blah … at this table.”

“Well … I started to working here a couple of hours ago. How long ago was it?”

“A long time ago … maybe four or five days ago.”

“Five days ago? … Oh, well… I found nothing at this table when I came here.”

Then I took a close look at him.
The old man was a white-native Canadian—not an immigrant.
He gave me an impression of sleep-walking or being drunk, but he looked sober—with no smell of alcohol.
Then all of a sudden, the man in his late twenties sitting across the table talked to me.

“Oh, no … no … he was asking you if you worked here for the library.”

I was tottaly puzzled at the moment.
Why did the old man ask me, instead of the young man sitting across the table?
He and I were working at the same table.
He was also a white-native Canadian who looked more like a librarian than I did.

Then suddenly a moment of truth hit me hard!
Yes, yes, yes, … I was always sitting at this table.

So he must have seen me sitting at the same table several times before.
I come here almost everyday.
No wonder the old man asked me, instead of the young man sitting across the table.

I had the same experience when I talked to Sylvie for the first time.

That was two years ago.
I was hard-working at the “blue” computer on the 5th floor—completely absorbed in finishing up my story when power failed in the whole library.

Oh, no! … No way! … An entire two-hour work had gone!
I was devastated!
Sylvie happened to work at the table beside mine.
She might have observed how hopelessly depressed I was at the time.
She talked to me soothingly and we talked about an hour or so.
Then she told me, “I knew your name, Kato.”

“Oh, did you? Why is that?”

“…’Cause you and Diane always sat side by side whenever I dropped in at Joe Fortes. I sat across the table and heard you two talk from time to time. That’s how I came to know your name.”

You see, Diane, people are WATCHING!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, …

Your smiling Bohemian, Kato
with a lot of love

What a wonderful story about you and the old fellow!

Diane, do you really think so?

Yes, I do… very much so.

It’s kinda embarrasing, isn’t it?

Why is that?

…’Cause if I was a native Canadian, I would probably understand the old chap’s question at once, that is, if I works for the library or not.

Well… you see, Kato, you looked so professionally efficient that he just assumed you were a librarian.

I don’t think so.  There were several men who looked more professionally efficient around me.  The old chap must have noticed me several times at the same table.  Anyway, you believe it or not, Sylvie just comes over, waves me while smiling and sits down right across the table while I’m writing this article.

No kidding!

Diane, you know what?

Tell me.

I was also watching you.

You must be kidding.

No, I’m not joking nor jesting.  That’s why I came to know that you’re a good-natured, self-desciplined, kind-hearted woman.

Tell me, Kato, when you were watching me.

Well, that was more than two years ago. When I walked to the Joe Fortes Library, I noticed you were talking on the cell phone right in front of the entrance door. You talked about several minutes, then turned off the cell phone, and entered the library. I’ve never seen you talking on the cell phone inside the library since. The thing is, quite a few people talked on the cell phone even in the library. But you’ve never talked on the cell phone and your cell phone has never beeped in the library.

Oh, I’m glad to hear that, but in my church people never talk on the cell phone.

I can understand that.  Another occasion is that you helped an old chap on the blue computer and that you told him how to book a computer while you were working on the yellow “internet” computer.

Did I teach him on the blue computer?

Yes, you did while you were still working on the yellow computer.  I don’t think I could take such a trouble because I don’t want to lose my own time on the yellow computer. I would probably tell the chap to ask the librarian for the computer-booking guide. I was really amazed to notice that you took such a time-consuming trouble for the old chap. That’s why I came to know that you must be a kind-hearted and volunteer-work-oriented woman.

Well … I didn’t know at all that you were watching me.

I know, at least one more person liked to watch you.

Gee … Who the heck is he?

Actually, you told me, Diane?

Did I?  No kidding!

Read the following passage.

Subj:Summer is here

with us!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Date: Tue, Jul 26, 2011 4:35 pm.
Pacific Daylight Saving Time

Thanks my truly skinny Socrates, Kato.

“Madame Riviera and Burger”

(July 26, 2011)

I’ve read the above article.
Your article is excellent as usual.
I did remember that you lived in Yellowknife some years ago.

Many years ago, I too lived for six months or so in the north, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

Actually, I worked for a mining company in a small town called Faro (Anvil Mines at the time) as secretary to the President.
I was given my own apartment (most of the staff had to live in bunk houses) and a huge salary compared with what I would receive in Vancouver.
So I was thrilled about that.
I didn’t want to feel totally isolated, though, so I asked whether I could eat with the others in the cookhouse and they obliged.

Thank God.
It was fun and much easier than doing my own cooking and making do with the limited selection in the local store.
The cook took a special liking to me and every day he would give me extra rations of cookies and cakes.

Pretty soon I realized that if I took advantage of these favours I would end up being a roly-poly.

so I would take them and then give them away.
Lotsa fun.

I do remember a really cute Japanese gal who worked up there telling me she had already gained 25 lbs in one year, and it showed.

It was all the lesson I needed, thankfully.

Le Crueset cookware is definitely famous.
A friend of mine in Kerrisdale has some and he said they’re very, very expensive but worth every penny.

He has one pot that he uses almost daily and has for years and it has proved to be the best pot he’s every cooked with and worked with—sturdy, reliable, easy to work with.
So I guess it’s worth the big bucks, true?!

Vancouver is pretty good, but not paradise I’d say.
The weather’s too crummy half the time, or more than half the time actually, Which is why my brother left Canada for France.
He could no longer stand the cold weather.
Certainly, I do miss him.

As a matter of fact, I’ve found an interesting joke:

You see, Kato, we don’t have many sunny days in Vancouver!
Anyway, I enjoyed reading your article.
Thanks again for all this.

Love, Diane ~

SOURCE: “Roly-poly in the North”
(July 30, 2011)

Diane, you remember the above passage, don’t you?

Yes, of course, I do.

The cook who took a special liking to you is the one I’m talking about. He was watching you and realized more than likely that you were a nice person—good enough for him to give extra rations of cookies and cakes.

I see…

You’re worried—if you took advantage of these favours, you would end up being a roly-poly.

But he knew that you are such a kind-hearted woman—so much so that you would take some and give away the rest so that you would stay in a good shape—not like a greedy Japanese woman who became a roly-poly.

Kato, do you think that my favorite cook watched me and studied my character and temperament?

Yes, of course, I do.  You see, people are watching you—even now.

【Himiko’s Monologue】

What an amusing and yet chilling story it is!
Be carefull from now on!
You are being watched by many poople around you.

In any case, I hope Kato will write another interesting article soon.
So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …

If you’ve got some time,

Please read one of the following artciles:


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“Banana @ Eden”

“Go Bananas”

Hi, I’m June Adams.

There is a book called “Manwatching written by the famout zoologist and ethologist Desmond Morris.


Morris has written lots of books studying the human being as an animal.

Why do people act the way they do?

Is it because we are an advanced amazing species or because we are acting on animal like instincts?

If you like to sit and watch people walk by in crowded places, this is that sort of interesting book.

You learn about body language, postural echoing, and animalistic qualities.

I like his books because all of his books are awesome and thought-provoking.

Body Language – Desmond Morris







『軽井沢タリアセン夫人 – 小百合物語』




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