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Subj:What a gorgeous day

we have here today!


Date: Sat., September 29, 2012 4:47:58 PM
Pacific Daylight Saving Time

Hi Diane,

What a gorgeous day we have here today!
You must be busy hopping around the VIFF and are enjoying viewing a lot of movies.
But be well-prepared.

Vancouver International

Film Festival

An open mind is advised!

…be well-prepared…?
What for?—you may ask.

Well…, a super earthquake will hit Vancouver in the near future.

Don’t scare the shit out of me, Kato! — you might as well say that. he, he, he, he, he, …

I’m pretty sure, you wanna know how come I’m telling you this.
Well…, I’ve just written an article about Vancouver super-quake.

To find it out, please click the following link:

“Vancouver Earthquake”

…hope you’ll enjoy it to the bone.

Your careful quake-dodger, Kato
with a lot of love



Oh yes, I enjoy


Date: Sun, Sep 30, 2012 12:03 pm
Pacific Daylight Saving Time

Hi Kato,

What a gorgeous day it is!
You’re right on about that.
You’re also right about the VIFF being in progress.
I went to a fabulous Danish one last night “Teddy Bear,” which was exceptional, really, and my cinephile buddies felt the same way.

Teddy Bear

Directed by Mads Matthiesen
Genre: comedy
Country: Denmark

Dennis (Kim Kold), a bodybuilder and part-time security guard at a slaughterhouse in Copenhagen, has a problem:
At 38 years of age, he’s still living at home with mom.
And what a mom Ingrid (Elsebeth Steentoft) is: Stern and domineering, she is unable to allow Dennis to grow up and, God forbid, start to date.
But eventually, Dennis decides to grow wings – flying to Thailand on a secret vacation (he tells mom he’s attending a bodybuilding tournament in Germany), where after a few awkward hookups with local Thai prostitutes he meets Toi, the accidental owner of a local gym (a facility she inherited from her late husband).

Love ensues – but watch what happens when Toi visits Dennis in Denmark.
Kold is masterfully understated as the painfully awkward hulk – a man whose only real power can be exercised with weights.

Sept. 28, 6 p.m., Granville 3
Oct. 2, 11:40 a.m. Granville 3

SOURCE: 【VIFF movie review: Teddy Bear】

It drew us all in and made you feel like you understood the lead actor and his quandry.
We were on the edge of our seats hoping that things would work out for him. Great.
Not going to as many as I used to but should see 10 or so before it’s through.

Thanks for this update on Vancouver quakes.



I do remember a small one that occurred during working hours in my office.
Everything just started shaking and before we could figure out what was going on it stopped.
My mother used to have a earthquake preparedness kit which she refreshed religiously.
She had it for YEARS.
She’s passed on now since 1991 so you can see why I don’t take this stuff seriously.

I like the Bible quote that goes something like this.

“Do not worry about tomorrow,

for tomorrow will

worry about itself.”

They say that most of the things we worry about never come to pass … so what the heck, right kiddo?
Hope you’re having fun at Joe Fortes!
Maybe I’ll see you at the VIFF.


Love, Diane ~

So, Diane, you enjoyed viewing “Teddy Bear,” didn’t you?

Yes, I did … very much so.  By the way, what is KIFF?

Well … Vancouver International Film Festival is over now.

Yes, it is.  I really miss it.  I wish I’d seen all the movies.

I know … I know … That’s the reason I set up “Kato International Film Festival” especially for you.

How do you mean?

You can see as many international movies as possible for free.

No kidding!

I’m not joking nor jesting.

Where on earth can I see those movies?

On the net, of course.

Show me the list of your international movies.

I’d love to. See the following list.


【Actual Listing】



This is a list of your books and DVDs you commented on at Vancouver Public Library, isn’t it?

Yes, it is.

I see the Polish movie at the top of the list.

If you click the title on the list, you can see my comment like this:


【Actual Listing】

So, you saw the movie on September 27, then commented on that, didn’t you?

Yes, I did.  Likewise, you can see all the movies in the list.

Kato, did you actually see all the movies in the above list.

Yes of course, I did.

Amazing! … How did you like the Polish movie.

I like it.

But, Kato, your comment sounds otherwise, doesn’t it?

A Year of the Quiet Sun


A Year of the Quiet Sun (Polish: Rok spokojnego słońca) is a 1984 Polish film written and directed by Krzysztof Zanussi.
It tells the story of a romance between a Polish refugee (Maja Komorowska) and an American soldier (Scott Wilson) in spite of the language barrier and the many cultural divisions that separate them.

The performances of Komorowska and Wilson are superb, but the script has several flaws.
First of all, the film doesn’t tell painful memories of their pasts.
It simply touches the surface of their pasts—not enough for the audience to emphasize with both of them.

Furthermore, the film suddenly jumps from 1946 to 1963.
What has happened in between?
I’m totally puzzled.

Someone said, if a script is superb, bad actors could achive some success, but when a script has some flaws, even great actors could not make the film superb.

Personally, I’ve found some flaws in the movie, but I’m pretty sure that you will love it.

What makes you think so.

…’Cause I know what kind of films you love.

Do you?

Oh yes, I do most definitely.  In any case, I’ve just picked up the first three parts out of 11 parts for you.  So just view those three parts.  I know you love these clips.

A Year of the Quiet Sun


(PART 1 OF 11)

(PART 2 OF 11)

(PART 3 OF 11)

Hmmmm … quite interesting!  I think I’ll borrow the DVD from Joe Fortes Library.

Please do.

But how come you recommend this movie to me?

…’Cause we love each other in spite of the language barrier—just like the hero (Scott Wilson) and heroine (Maja Komorowska).

【Himiko’s Monologue】

Wow! I wonder if Kato and Diane love each other in spite of the language barrier.
What do you think?

By the way, did you see the following clip about the Tōhoku Earthquake 2011?

Whenever I see the above clip, I feel scared to death.
What an awful and devastating quake it is!

I hope I’ll never experience a super quake in my lifetime.
But I hear that a big quake will hit Kyoto within next 30 years.
I’m living in Kyoto—the anciant capital of Japan.
Nobody knows exactly when the big one hit the region, but many seismologists predict that the big one will definitely come in the future.
Well…, I’d better be well-prepared for that.

In any case, I hope Kato will write another interesting article soon.
So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …

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“Vancouver Earthquake”

Hi, I’m June Adams.

Japan’s National Police Agency said on 3 April 2011, that 45,700 buildings were destroyed and 144,300 were damaged by the quake and tsunami.

The damaged buildings included 29,500 structures in Miyagi Prefecture, 12,500 in Iwate Prefecture and 2,400 in Fukushima Prefecture.

Three hundred hospitals with 20 beds or more in Tōhoku were damaged by the disaster, with 11 being completely destroyed.

The earthquake and tsunami created an estimated 24–25 million tons of rubble and debris in Japan.

Among the debris, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle came to shore on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) in British Columbia of Canada.

Harley from Tsunami

Comes to Shore

It traveled from the east coast of Japan to Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).

It took some forty days.







『軽井沢タリアセン夫人 – 小百合物語』




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