Film Festival

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Film Festival

Hello from Gyoda!

I hope you’re enjoying VIFF

Date: Wed., October 5, 2011 10:57:31 PM

Hi, Diane. How’s it going?

I’ve been enjoying my stay in hometown.

I hope you’re enjoying VIFF.
I wish I were in Vancouver with you.

So, I’ve written an article about VIFF.
Please click the following link:

“From Gyoda to Vancouver”

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.
Your truly skinny admirer,



Subj:I miss you!

Date: Fri, Oct 7, 2011 8:29 am

Hi Kato,
You’re missing a lovely day in Vancouver today.

But I expect it’s even more delightful in Gyoda.
It looks like a really sweet place, like you said.
… hope you’re enjoying every minute and not eating too much of that fried jelly.

You might come back a tubby and we wouldn’t recognize you!

Lovely lotus flowers as well … not something you see in cold Canada that’s for sure.
Real treat to even look at …

Am really enjoying the VIFF.
Saw a film at the Vogue last night from Iran (The Separation).. interesting indeed.
The place was packed to capacity (1100) and a large percentage of the attendees appeared to be from Iran.
The crowd seemed pleased with the film.
It WAS good really, but not excellent in my opinion.

Tonight off to see an Italian film (The Salt of Life) and Monday it was one from Uruguay/Brazel.
So we’re getting around the world I’d say.
Not too salacious quite yet.

I loved the following video clip.

Here’s sexuality.

An open mind is advised!

It took me back to last year’s festival where they showed that as a warm-up to the feature films.
Funny, funny…

See you soon, kiddo,

Love, Diane ~

Kato…,you’re eating too much of that fried jelly, aren’t you?

Yes, I am.

I hope I can recognize you when you’ll come back to Vancouver.

I doubt.

Do you really mean it?

Yes, I do.

Why is that?

Well…, I can see so many fascinating sushi here in Gyoda.





Wow!…so beautiful and delicious!..Kato, why didn’t you take me to Japan with you?

Don’t be foolish, Diane.  You wanna desperately keep in good shape for years to come, right?

Yes, I do.

If you were here in Japan, you would certainly be looking like the following woman.

I wouldn’t eat like a horse.

Yes, you would.  If you were in Japan, I’m pretty sure that you would eat like an elephant.

You are in


a good shape!

Diane, you wanna stay in a good shape, eh?

Yes, of course , I do, but you know, Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

So what…?

So I stay hungry and foolish.

Oh, Diane…don’t be silly.  It all depends.  If you stay hungry and foolish, you would definitely become a balloon like the above fat woman.  I’ll tell you, stay in good shape and smart!

But Kato…, you’re eating sushi like a horse, right?

No, I am not.  I’m eating like a turkey!

So what…?

Well…, I’m eating while balancing yin and yang foods.

Balance yin and yang foods

Probably, you might need to balance yin and yang foods as you’ve been enjoying too much of your favorite peppermint-flavored coffee.

Yin & Yang Foods

At the beginnning of Chinese civilization, people ate whatever the Earth offered with no thought given to what may be poisonous.
Soon, people grew sick—some even died.
Upon learning this, the mythical Shen Nong Shi (Holy Farmer Fellow) began teaching people how to forage for and grow nonpoisonous plants.

Around this time, the Chinese defined 100 plants that could be used as food, 100 plants that could be used as medicine, and 100 plants that could be used both as food and medicine.
For example, hawthorn fruit is used in China as food and as a heart medicine, while Chinese dates are both a popular snack and a treatment for boosting red blood cell counts.
The same categories are still being used today in Chinese medicine.

The Chinese (as well as the Japanese) continue to believe that food is a more effective medicine than human-made drugs.
Unlike drugs, which treat a specific body condition medicine (and in turn can lead to separate health conditions), healing foods address both the condition and the body with more success, fewer side effects, and less overall damage to the patient.

As a general rule, the Chinese categorize foods as either yin or yang.
Yin foods are eaten to balance yang conditions within the body or surrounding environment, while yang food are eaten to balance yin conditions within the body or surrounding environment.

Yin foods:

melons, green vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruit juice, dairy products, watery foods, green tea.

Yang foods:

bananas, nuts, seeds, legumes, oils, fatty or rich foods, black tea, pungent spices, chocolate, coffee.

As you see, Diane, your favorite peppermint-flavored coffee is one of yang drinks.
So you might have to take a lot of yin foods such as greens and juices.
Anyway, other than coughing, you’re in such a good shape that I’m not worried about your coffee in-taking.

So much for yin and yang foods.
Now, you need a lot of laugh to fend off your worries.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…

Bedroom Diet

Better Performance in Bed

SOURCE: “You’re in a good shape”
(Wednesday, May 18, 2011)

Don’t worry, Kato…I’m always balancing yin and yang foods.

Are you sure?

Oh yes, I am.  So even if I eat like an elephant, I’ll stay in shape.

I doubt.

Anyway, I wish I were in your home town and ate delicious sushi with you.

Oh, yes, Diane…you’re in Gyoda.

Nonsense! I’m in Vancouver now.  The Pacific Ocean is between you and me, Kato.

Yes, it is, but you are with me.  Whenever you feel like being in Japan, view the following video clip:



【Himiko’s Monologue】

Wow! Did you see the VIFF video clip?
I think it’s a bit obscene and salacious.

Here’s sexuality.

An open mind is advised!

My heart throbbed like mad while I watched the above clip.
Sexuality is one thing; romance is another.

Come to think of it, I’ve never met a decent man in my life.
How come I’m always a loner?
I wish I could meet a nice gentleman at the library in my town as Diane met Kato.
Well, they say, there is a way where there is a will.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …

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Hi, I’m June Adames.

I like Sylvia Kristel’s Lady Chatterley.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Sylvia Kristel (1981)

Talking of Sylvia Kristel, you might as well

remember Lady Emmanuelle.

Emmanuelle 1 – Ouverture

Emmanuelle 2: L’antivierge

Sylvia Kristel (1975)

Well…if you love to visit Paris,

please enjoy the Paris theme:

Sous le Ciel de Paris

by Hideshi Kibi(日本人)

You can find some Japanese musicians in Paris.

Fujiko Hemming also likes Édith Piaf

who sings “Sous le ciel de Paris.”

Sous le ciel de Paris

by Édith Piaf

I like Chanson Française (French song).

How about you?

Kato also love Édith Piaf,

but he considers Juliette Greco’s

“Sous le Ciel de Paris” much beter.

Sous le Ciel de Paris

by Juliette Greco

I believe Yves Montand’s “Sous le Ciel de Paris” is the best of all.

Sous le Ciel de Paris

by Yves Montand

I love Paris, but Vancouver isn’t bad at all.

To tell you the truth, Vancouver is a paradise to me.