Forest Bathing

Thursday, June 7, 2012 
Forest Bathing



Subj:Your belief makes my day!


Date: Tues., May 22, 2012 11:24:29 PM
Pacific Daylight Saving Time

Hi, Diane,

Good to see you tonight.
Your sparkling smile always makes me feel like skipping around in the library.
But I had to suppress my urge to do that since we were in the sacred library.


Yes, Thomas Edison is right!
A failure is not a failure at all.
It brings you closer to finding what you want to find.

And as you said, this lesson is transferable to love relations.
You’re absolutely right there.
I can understand that.

So what if she’s not the right one?
Each time you meet a new woman and attempt to connect you learn more about yourself, about what you want in a woman, about what you have to offer.
It’s all good.
You may want to try “Plenty of Fish”.
It’s free and if you’re honest about who you are and what you want in a woman, there’s a good chance you’ll find it.
I think the key is to be as honest as you possibly can.

Your belief makes my day!

You said, good women who actually want a boyfriend seem rare these days for some reason.
You also said, there are lots of good women my age who are quite content without a man.
Is it hard for you to understand how those women remain content?

Well, I have an answer.
So, as usual, I’ve written an article about it.

Please click the following link:


“Infidelity Neighbourhood”

(May 22, 2012)

I hope you’ll get a lot of sunshine when you get your butt off of your place.


Have a nice sweet dream.

Your truly faithful follower, Kato




Subj:I’m fascinated by

forest bathing.

Date: Wed, May 23, 2012 7:53 pm
Pacific Daylight Saving Time

Hi Kato,

I was glad to see you as well.
I thought when I didn’t see you at your usual terminal that perhaps you had gone back to Japan for a visit.

By the way, speaking of Japan, there’s a highly recommended Japanese restaurant on Robson Street (almost across from the Whole Foods Market) called “Hokaido.”


My piano teacher told me they have the very best ramen he has ever tasted in his life (and he’s supposedly had lots of ramen in his time).
I don’t know if you’ve tried the place or not.
I’ll be going there this Friday so I’ll see firsthand and report back to you, if you’d like.

I read the above article.
Thanks for your story, which is quite humourous and fascinating as usual, kiddo.

Oddly enough, I too saw that newspaper article in the Metro about Symonds and her supposedly hot love affair with Chef Gordon Ramsey.
The newspaper story is quite intriguing of course.
I saved it to show my boyfriend this weekend, especially the Top 10 Cheating Neighbourhoods of which his, Kitsilano, is at the very top of the list!

Well, I’m not worried about my boyfriend because he says I’m the best thing that ever happened to him and he doesn’t know what he’d do without me, AND he’s so loving and thoughtful I just have to believe him.

The point I was making is that sometimes it’s better to have one person who loves you, wants to know how your day is going, one person to go to movies & plays & events with, someone to hold hands with, cook with and stuff then it is for thousands to adore you from afar.
But we’re all different as the wise old sages are found of saying “follow your bliss”.



Nevertheless, Kato, I’m still keeping my eye out for you.
It won’t be a biker chick, I don’t think, but what the heck … we’re not biker material ourselves, true?

By the way, I read the following newspaper story:

For those of us lucky enough to grow up riding bicycles on country roads and catching frogs in ponds, today’s ‘nature as medicine’ approach is a sad comment on how divorced we’ve become from our environment.
But before we get too down on ourselves, check out what’s going on in highly urbanized Japan.

That’s where ‘forest bathing’ (shinrinyoku) is being promoted for health.


A study by Yoshifumi Miyazaki, director of the Centre for Environment Health and Field Sciences at Chiba University, observed 288 volunteers at 24 different sites who merely sat down and enjoyed the forest view.
When their blood samples were compared to an urban control group, researchers found a 13-per-cent decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, six-per-cent decrease in heart rates and a two-per-cent decrease in blood pressure.

Being serious about their relaxation, Miyazaki says reporters want him to describe the “correct” principals of natural therapy.

“Also, I am often asked to answer the question of which type of forest is better conifer or broad-leaved.
Based on the results of our indoor studies, I can only say that the relaxation effects may differ due to the individual tastes and values of the volunteers.”

SOURCE: “To Your Health”
Posted by: Erin Ellis, Vancouver Sun

PICTURE: from Denman Library

As a nature-lover, I’m fascinated by “forest bathing.”
Kato, have you ever enjoyed bathing in the woods?

Anyway, so good to hear from you,

Love, Diane ~

So, Diane, you love to bath in the forest, don’t you?

Yes, I do.  You’re telling me, Kato.  I like a natural way of life.

Do you?

Yes, I do.  As a matter of fact, I enjoy jogging around the seawall, especially when we have a lovely and gorgeous weather.

Yes, I know that you enjoy your active way of life.

Why don’t you join us someday, Kato?  It’s a pity for you to stay all the time in the library.  You’re really attached to the library, if not permanently connected to the the computer at Joe Fortes Library.

You’ve seen only part of my life.  That’s why you think I’m permanently confined in the library.

But whenever I drop in at the library, you work at the keyboard or watch a DVD as if there was nobody around.  You seem to be completely engrossed in your own world.

Well… that’s true in a sense, but I’m well aware that a natural way of life is quite important to us.

Oh, do you?

Yes, of course, I know that.

Then how come you always stay in the library?

Oh, C’mon Diane.  You’re exaggerating. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

I’ve never seen you jogging around the seawall.

Well… one in a while I enjoy forest bathing.

I don’t believe it.

I know nature’s value to human society. So I believe that we should protect green spaces, trees and water.  You believe or not, Diane, I’m a believer in the healing power of nature.  So once in a while, I go to the woods.

Oh … do you go to the woods alone?

With Madame Taliesin.

I don’t believe you.

Oh, Diane, you’d better believe it since I’ve written the following article:


“Forest Bathing @ Karuizawa”


(August 16, 2008)

Did you really write the above article in 2008?

Yes, I did.  Why don’t you click the above link and read it for yourself?

It was written in Japanese, I suppose.

You can use the GOOGLE translator, Diane.

I once used it, but the translator is far from a perfect machine.  It translated your story into English, but the translated story didn’t make sense at all.

Well… nothing is perfect as nobopdy is perfect.  Don’t expect too much from a free translator.  In any case, a forest bathing trip was quite popular at the time. A leisurely visit to a forest is regarded as being similar to natural aromatherapy.

Oh, is it?… natural aromatherapy?

Yes, some westerners also believe in forest bathing as the following video clips show:

Forest Bathing

Forest Therapy

A forest bathing trip involves visiting a forest for relaxation and recreation while breathing in volatile substances, called phytoncides (wood essential oils), which are antimicrobial volatile organic compounds derived from trees, such as a-pinene and limonene.

Incorporating forest bathing trips into a good lifestyle was first proposed in 1982 by the Forest Agency of Japan.

It has now become a recognized relaxation and/or stress management activity in Japan.

SOURCE: “Forest Bathing”
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So you went to Karuizawa to enjoy forest bathing with Madame Taliesin, didn’t you?

Yes, I did.  Madame Taliesin is also a believer in the healing power of nature.



I see.  Madame Taliesin seems to enjoy it to the hilt.

You’re telling me, Diane.  In fact, she literally bathed in the forest like this:


I don’t believe this.

They say, seeing is believing.

But you made up the above picture, didn’t you?

Yes, but forest bathing sometimes makes a woman feel like standing in the semi-nude.

I doubt.

You’d better believe it, Diane, because you also seem to like visiting the woods in Stanley Park.


This isn’t in Stanley Park, is it?

No, it is not, but someday, I think we’ll be able to enjoy forest bathing in Karuizawa.

Well … God only knows …

【Himiko’s Monologue】


Yes, I’d also like to take a stroll in the forest in Kyoto, which makes me feel refreshed without thinking of worldly matters.
Even if I’m alone in the woods, I feel as if I were surrounded with forest fairies.
I know this sounds childish.
But I believe that we should stay away from an urban living once in a while so that we could think about a natural way of life—which is stress-free.

Well… I hope Kato will write another interesting article soon.
So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …



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Hi, I’m June Adams.

I love forest bathing.

How about you?

The effect of forest has been said to have a greater spiritual value than scientific one.

Some of the effects are as follows:

○ Air in the forest is friendly to the body than in urban areas, where exhaust gas is prevailing.

○ The scent of trees soothes the mind.

○ You can feel at ease in the forest because it has a relaxing effect.

○ You can forget the worldly thoughts so that your stress level is greatly reduced.









『軽井沢タリアセン夫人 – 小百合物語』






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