From Summer to Eternity

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
From Summer to Eternity



Kato, tell me about the title—From Summer to Eternity.  What on earth is it?


What do you think it is?

I’m asking you, kiddo.

I’m pretty sure you’ve got some idea.

I don’t have any idea.  That’s why I’m asking you, Kato.  So, don’t waste my time and yours.  Just tell me about it.

Diane, do you remember I showed you the video clip of “Summer of ’42” the other day?

Summer of ’42


The film flashes back to a day that 15-year-old “Hermie” (Gary Grimes) and his friends – jock Oscy (Jerry Houser) and introverted nerd Benjie (Oliver Conant) – spent playing on the beach.
They spot a young soldier carrying his new bride (Jennifer O’Neill) into a house on the beach and are struck by her beauty, especially Hermie, who is unable to get her out of his mind.

They continue spending afternoons on the beach where, in the midst of scantily-clad teenage girls, their thoughts invariably turn to sex.
All of them are virgins: Oscy is obsessed with the act of sex, while Hermie finds himself developing romantic interest in the bride, whose husband he spots leaving the island on a water taxi one morning.
Later that day, Hermie finds her trying to carry bags of groceries by herself, and helps get them back to her house.
They strike up a friendship and he agrees to return to help her with chores.

Meanwhile, Oscy and Hermie, thanks to a sex manual discovered by Benjie, become convinced they know everything necessary to lose their virginity.
Led by Oscy, they test this by going to the cinema and picking-up a trio of high-school girls.
Oscy stakes out the most attractive one, Miriam (Christopher Norris), “giving” Hermie her less attractive friend, Aggie (Katherine Allentuck) and leaving Benjie with Gloria, a heavyset girl with braces.
Frightened by the immediacy of sex, Benjie runs off, and is not seen by Hermie or Oscy again that night.
Hermie and Oscy spend the entirety of the evening’s film attempting to “put the moves” on Miriam and Aggie.
Oscy pursues Miriam, eventually making out with her during the movie, and later learns her ways are well-known on the island.
Hermie finds himself succeeding with Aggie, who allows him to grope what he thinks is her breast; Oscy later points out Hermie was fondling her arm.

The next morning, Hermie helps the bride move boxes into her attic and she thanks him by giving him a kiss on the forehead.


Later, in preparation for a marshmallow roast on the beach with Aggie and Miriam, Hermie goes to the local drugstore.
In a painfully humorous sequence he builds up the nerve to ask for condoms.

That night, Hermie roasts marshmallows with Aggie while Oscy succeeds in having sex with Miriam between the dunes.
He is so successful he sneaks over to Hermie and Aggie to ask for more condoms.
Confused as to what’s happening, Aggie follows Oscy back, where she sees him having sex with Miriam and runs home, upset.

The next day, Hermie comes across the bride sitting outside her house, writing to her husband.
Hermie offers to keep her company that night and she says she looks forward to seeing him, revealing her name is Dorothy.
An elated Hermie goes home and puts on a suit, dress shirt and heads back to Dorothy’s house, running into Oscy on the way; Oscy relates that Miriam’s appendix burst and she’s been rushed to the mainland.
Hermie, convinced he is at the brink of adulthood because of his relationship with Dorothy, brushes Oscy off.

He heads to her house, which is eerily quiet.
Going in, he discovers a bottle of whiskey, several cigarette butts, and a telegram from the government.
Dorothy’s husband is dead, his plane shot down over France.
Dorothy comes out of her bedroom, crying, and Hermie tells her “I’m sorry.”
The sense of empathy triggers her to channel to Hermie some of her loneliness.
She turns on the record player and invites Hermie to dance with her.
They kiss and embrace, tears on both their faces.
Without speaking, and to the sound only of the waves, they move to the bedroom, where she draws him into bed and gently makes love with him.

Afterward, withdrawing again into her world of hurt, Dorothy retires to the porch, leaving Hermie alone in her bedroom.
He approaches her on the porch, where she can only quietly say “Good night, Hermie.”
He leaves, his last image of Dorothy being of her leaning against the railing, as she smokes a cigarette and stares into the night sky.

At dawn Hermie meets Oscy and the two share a moment of reconciliation, with Oscy informing Hermie that Miriam will recover.
Oscy, in an uncharacteristic act of sensitivity, lets Hermie be by himself, departing with the words, “Sometimes life is one big pain in the ass.”

Trying to sort out what has happened, Hermie goes back to Dorothy’s house.
Dorothy has fled the island in the night and an envelope is tacked to the front door with Hermie’s name on it.
Inside is a note from Dorothy, saying she hopes he understands she must go back home as there is much to do.
She assures Hermie she will never forget him, and he will find his way of remembering what happened that night.
Her note closes with the hope that Hermie may be spared the senseless tragedies of life.

Final Scene

SOURCE: “Summer of ’42”
From the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yes, now I remember… I love the lovely soundtrack.

Is that all?

What do you expect me to say, kiddo?

Well …, what do you think about Dorothy?

She seems to be a nice woman to Hermie.

Diane, do you really think so?

Yes, I do.  What’s wrong with my opinion about Dorothy?

I thought you were Christian.

Yes, I AM.  My goddness, you think I said something wrong, don’t you?

Well …, Dorothy is a married woman.  In Christianity, a married woman shouldn’t share the bed with other men except her husband.  It’s an example of fornication—a sin.

Kato, are you a Christian, too?

Oh no, I’m not.  As I told you before, I believe in the traffic cop of the universe.

Earth Rotation & Revolution

around a moving Sun

You know what, Diane? … The Earth is travelling around the Sun at a speed of 29.78 km/s—that is, 107,200 km/h!

No kidding! … 107,200 km per hour?  That’s 244 times as fast as the fastest car on Earth.

That’s right!

So what’s got to do with Providence?

You see, Diane, the Earth travels at a speed of 107,200 km/h!  Yet no traffic accidents have taken place in the universe since the human beings appeared on Earth, where there are so many traffic deaths everyday.

So, you’re saying, there must be a traffic cop in the universe, and this cop is Providence.

You’re telling me, Diane.


SOURCE: “God is Near!”

Dorothy’s husband was shot down and killed by a certain Japanese pilot in the Pacific.  So, she was not practically a married woman.

I see… You’re open-minded, aren’t you?

Yes, I am.  Dorothy was practically a war-forced divorced woman, so she isn’t guilty of fornication at all.

I see.

Now I understand why you jotted down “Summer,” but I don’t know how come you placed “Eternity” beside “Summer.”

Dorothy is played by Jennifer O’Neill in the movie.  She was my idol when I was a teenager.

I thought Marilyn Monroe was your idol.

Yes, she still is.  Anyway, that’s the reason I picked up the following DVD.


This is the one I’m talking about.

I see… So you wanted to see your idol playing in the DVD, didn’t you?

Yes, I did.  I liked it… so much so that I jotted down my comment on that.


“Actual Page”

Kato’s Comment

The Innocent (Italian: L’innocente) was the last film made by Italian director Luchino Visconti.
Based on a novel by Gabriele d’Annunzio, the story is set up in the 19th century Italy.
Tullio Hermil (Giancarlo Giannini) is a wealthy Roman married to Giuliana (Laura Antonelli).


Tullio Hermil & Giuliana

But Tullio lives a double sexual life with a possessive and aristocratic mistress (Jennifer O’Neill).


Teresa: Tullio’s mistress

Half into the story, Tullio rekindles his love to Giuliana when the couple visits a villa where they met for the first time, then makes love with fervor.



I’ve found one peculiar aspect when the couple make love.
Giuliana’s underarm hair is not shaven, though it is more common in much of the Western world today for women to shave their underarm hair regularly.
So I assume that it was rather common in the 19th century Italy for even aristocratic women to have their underarm hair intact.
Anyway, after learning that Giuliana is having a torrid affair of her own, he becomes tormented by her fidelity and descends into madness.
It is really interesting and fascinating.

So, Kato, you were attracted to the woman’s underarm hair, weren’t you?

Yes, I did, but I’m NOT talking about the woman’s underarm hair today.  I’d rather like to talk about the life of Jennifer O’Neill.

What about her life?

Just read the following excerpt, will you?

Jennifer O’Neill

O’Neill has been married nine times to eight husbands.
She married, divorced, and remarried husband number six.
At one point, she was married to four different men in four years.
At age 44, she married husband number seven sooner than any other actress, sooner than Zsa Zsa Gabor (who was 63), Liza Minnelli (59) and Lana Turner (49), making her the youngest “most married” Hollywood celebrity.

The August 23, 1993, issue of People magazine reports that a friend of O’Neill’s says that the actress obtained the (Texas) annulment of marriage number seven (Neil L. Bonin – after less than five months) “… because she felt stifled.”

O’Neill has three children from as many fathers, a daughter (Aimee) by her first husband whom she married at age 17, and a son (Reis Michael) from her fifth marriage and another son (Cooper Alan) from her sixth marriage.

At age 34, O’Neill suffered a gunshot wound.
Police officers in the Westchester County town of Bedford, New York, who interviewed the actress, said that on October 23, 1982, she shot herself accidentally in the abdomen with a .38 caliber revolver at her Bedford mansion while she was trying to determine if it was loaded.

She describes many of her life experiences, including her marriages and career, to her move to her Tennessee farm in the late 1990s in her 1999 autobiography Surviving Myself.
O’Neill says that she wrote this autobiography (her first book) “… at the prompting of her children.”

In 2004, O’Neill wrote and published “From Fallen To Forgiven,” a book of biographical notes and philosophical thoughts about life and existence.
The actress, who had an abortion after the divorce from her first husband while dating a Wall Street socialite, became a pro-life activist and a born-again Christian in 1986 at age 38, counseling abstinence to teens.
Concerning her abortion, she writes:

I was told a lie from the pit of hell: that my baby was just a blob of tissue. The aftermath of abortion can be equally deadly for both mother and unborn child. A woman who has an abortion is sentenced to bear that for the rest of her life.

O’Neill continues to be active as a writer, inspirational speaker, fundraiser for the benefit of crisis pregnancy centers across the United States.
She has also served as the spokesperson for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, a non-denominational, non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to post-abortion healing and recovery.

O’Neill works for several other charitable causes as well, such as Retinitis Pigmentosa International and the Arthritis Foundation.
As a breast cancer survivor she has also been a former spokesperson for the American Cancer Society.
She has also hosted a one-hour television special for World Vision shot in Africa concerning the HIV epidemic.
In addition, she remains actively involved with her childhood love of animals and horses, sponsoring the Jennifer O’Neill Tennis Tournament to benefit the ASPCA, and fund-raiser for Guiding Eyes for the blind.

O’Neill purchased a horse farm in Tennessee called “Hillenglade Farm” where she runs a non-profit organization as a ministry and retreat for girls and young women.

SOURCE: “Jennifer O’Neill”
From the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wow!  She has been married nine times to eight husbands.  I wish I coule live long enough to get married nine times.

Well…, the thing is, she became a pro-life activist and a born-again Christian in 1986 at age 38 after an abortion and divorces.

So what’s got to do with Eternity?

You see, Diane, one can achieve more if you live long—if not to Eternity.


【Himiko’s Monologue】


Wow! Jennifer O’Neill has been married nine times to eight husbands.
What do you think?

I’ve never been married.
What’s wrong with me?
I know there is an old saying:

Where there is a will,

there is a way.

I have a strong will to marry a nice gentleman, however, there seems to have been no way for me to get married so far.
Well …, I don’t live long enough to find a better gentleman, I suppose.

In any case, I hope Kato will write another interesting article soon.
So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …



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Hi, I’m June Adams.

O’Neill was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the granddaughter of a Brazilian bank president, and the daughter of a famous Brazilian businessman, Oscar D’ O’Neill.

When she was 14, the family moved to New York City.
On Easter Sunday, 1962, O’Neill attempted suicide because the move would separate her from her dog Mandy and horse Monty—“her whole world”.
That same year, she was discovered by the Ford modeling agency and put under contract.
By age 15, she was gracing the cover of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and other magazines, earning $80,000 a year in 1962 working as a fashion model in New York City and also working in Paris, France, and dating older men.

She saved up her modeling fees and bought a horse, Alezon, who balked before a wall at a horse show, breaking O’Neill’s neck and back in three places, and giving her a long period of recovery.
She attended New York City’s Professional Children’s School and the prestigious Dalton School in Manhattan.
Later, she moved on to films and worked in a number of television movies and series.

In 1968 O’Neill landed a small role in For Love of Ivy.
In 1970 she played one of the lead female roles in Rio Lobo starring opposite John Wayne.

She is most remembered for her role in the 1971 film Summer of ’42, where she played Dorothy Walker, the young widow of a pilot shot down and killed in World War II.









『軽井沢タリアセン夫人 – 小百合物語』






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