Wantirna South

Sunday, August 21, 2011
Wantirna South


Subj:Summer is here

with us!

Enjoy the fireworks

on the English Bay!

From: diane03760@vancouver.ca
To: barclay1720@aol.com
Date: Wed, Aug 17, 2011 4:53 pm.
Pacific Daylight Saving Time

“Diane Well Read”

(Wed., August 17, 2011)

Thanks, Kato…I’ve read the above article.
Well, well … you keep outdoing yourself.
Thanks for the ChiGong information.

Benefits of Chi Gong(気功)

1) Chi Gong is a powerful system of health, which has effects on many levels.

2) Chi Gong can harmonise, strengthen and have a healing effect on the functioning of all the internal organs and bodily systems.

3) It increases the supply and flow of energy throughout the body.

4) It also has a variety of rejuvenating effects and is believed to increase longevity.

5) It induces calm mental and emotional states.

6) Initially many movements focus on gently opening and stretching the joints and muscles of the body, releasing tension that has often been there for years.

7) By increasing the flow of blood and energy, they help to fully nourish all parts of the body.

8) Many of our students report that they feel very relaxed and energised after a session of Chi Gong, and that they sleep very deeply that night!

9) According to Chinese medicine, the energy relating to the body’s internal organs flows around the extremities of the body, that is, the hands and the feet.

10) Thus by stretching the arms and legs in specific movements, the health of the internal organs can be improved.

11) The breathing in Chi Gong is all-important. The breath should be relaxed, slow and deep, originating from the diaphragm. This type of breathing has a very calming and balancing effect on the mind, which is crucial in counter-acting the effects of worry and stress.

12) Just a few minutes of Chi Gong whenever you start feeling stressed can really work wonders.

The above benefits are just some of the effects that you can experience in the early stages of practise.

As you gradually become more and more aware of your body, you will start to feel some of the more subtle and refined effects of Chi Gong.

It’s fascinating,
and oh-so wickedly salacious in nature. :)

I’m really having fun with chigong actually,
and have printed out all the benefits of the practice.
And there are many, but now that I know it’ll turn me into a sex-siren.

Well it just gives me one more reason to hang in there.
We’ve got another class in the park this evening.
I can hardly wait.

Lately, I’ve noticed that you’re so absorbed in writing articles.
I’m pretty sure that you feel quite exhausted lile the pictures below:

Relax, Kato!
One day maybe I’ll drag you along with us.
Then you, too, could be a sex-siren, right?
Thanks again, kiddo.

Love, Diane ~

Kato, are you taking me to Australia?

Yes, I am.

But how come you take me to Australia all of a sudden?

A good question, Diane…I happened to see an Australian flag on August 18 when I posted my article on the Blogpost.

Do you mean the flag in the above   Live Traffic Feed   list?

Yes, I do.  A pretty woman from Wantirna South of Australia read the following article.

“Net Love”

(Thurs. June 30, 2011)

How do you know that, Kato?

Take a close look at the inside of the red-rectangled part, where you can see the title of the article—“Net Love.”  To be on the safe side, I check the detailed list:

I suppse, the Canadian flag represents you.  Does it not, Kato?

Yes, it does.  I was watching the list in the Vancouver Public Library at that time.  The pretty woman read my article in Wantirna South.

Where is it?

A good question, Diane.  Actually, I’ve checked it for you.  So read the following excerpt:

Wantirna South

Wantirna South is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 24 km south-east from Melbourne’s central business district.
Its Local Government Area is the City of Knox, Wantirna South is a border suburb to City of Whitehorse and City of Monash.
At the 2006 Census, Wantirna South had a population of 17,949.


Wantirna South was mostly orchards until around 80 years ago.
Demand for housing grew in the 1920’s and Wantirna South and surrounding communities became a new place for housing development.
One of the first buildings was Wantirna South Post Office, opened on 1 December 1936,
but was renamed Studfield in 1990, being at the Knox Studfield Shopping Centre.
Wantirna South Primary School had a significant impact on the growth and housing around the Knox City area.

SOURCE: Wikipedia
PICTURES: From the Denman Library

So, Wantirna South is very close to Melbourne, isn’t it?

Yes, it is.  It’s only 24 km south-east from Melbourne’s central business district.

Have you been to Melbourne, Kato?

Yes, I have.  How about you, Diane?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been over there.  What does it look like?

I’ll take you to Melbourne right away.  Click the following video clip:

Wow!…looks great.  Why don’t you take me over there—not in the article but by plane?

Don’t be silly, Diane!  It is winter over there.  Vancouver is a paradise now.

You’re enjoying sunshine in the paradise here, aren’t you?

So, you’re taking me to over there six months later, aren’t you?

Don’t be foolish, Diane.  Six months later, Vancouver will be the winter paradise. He, he, he, he, he…

Anyway, how could she manage to find your article?

A good question, Diane.  She simply made a search on the Australian GOOGLE site (http://google.com.au/).

How do you know?

Take a close look at the entry in the above list:

Wantirna, Victoria arrived

from google.com.au

on “Denman Blog: Net Love”

by searching for jane eyre meets adele

So, she was interested in Jane Eyre and Adele, wasn’t she?

Yes, she was.  I clicked the link in the list and found out that she did an image search, and got the following result:

The tiny picture in the above shows Jane Eyre and Adele.

So, she was searching for the picture of Jane Eyre and Adele, wasn’t she?

Yes, she was.  To make sure, I myself did an image search.  Look at the following result, Diane.

The picture appears on the top page.

And she clicked the picture and read your article, didn’t she?

Yes, she did.

But, Kato, how come you knew the reader was a woman, not a man?

Well…, it’s easy.  She asked me to watch the following video clip:

So, she actually left a comment in the article, didn’t she?

No, not really.  She didn’t write a comment.

I don’t like a roundabout talk, Kato.  Just tell me how come you knew the reader was a pretty woman.

Diane, don’t get too emotional. He, he, he, he, he… It’s simply by my gut feeling.

Rubbish…nonsense!  Don’t give me such a fib!

Anyway, she read the following and got impressed.

Half dream, half reality

“And these dreams weigh on your spirits now, Jane, when I am close to you? Little nervous subject! Forget visionary woe, and think only of real happiness! You say you love me, Janet: yes—I will not forget that; and you cannot deny it. Those words did not die inarticulate on your lips. I heard them clear and soft: a thought too solemn perhaps, but sweet as music—‘I think it is a glorious thing to have the hope of living with you, Edward, because I love you.’ Do you love me, Jane? repeat it.”

“I do sir,—I do, with my whole heart.”

“Well,” he said, after some minutes’ silence, “it is strange; but that sentence has penetrated my breast painfully. Why? I think because you said it with such an earnest, religious energy; and because your upward gaze at me now is the very sublime of faith, truth, and devotion: it is too much as if some spirit were near me. Look wicked, Jane; as you know well how to look: coin one of your wild, shy, provoking smiles; tell me you hate me—tease me, vex me: do anything but move me: I would rather be incensed than saddened.”

“I will tease you and vex you to your heart’s content, when I have finished my tale: but hear me to the end.”

“I thought, Jane, you had told me all. I thought I had found the source of your melancholy in a dream!”

“I dreamt another dream, sir: that Thornfield Hall was a dreary ruin, the retreat of bats and owls. … The shape standing before me had never crossed my eyes within the precincts of Thornfield Hall before; the height, the contour were new to me. … It seemed, sir, a woman, tall and large, with thick and dark hair hanging long down her back. … Oh, sir, I never saw a face like it! It was a discoloured face—it was a savage face. I wish I could forget the roll of the red eyes and the fearful blackened inflation of the lineaments!”

“Ah!—what did it do?”

“Sir, it removed my veil from its gaunt head, rent it in two parts, and flinging both on the floor, trampled on them.”

“And since I cannot do it, Jane, it must have been unreal.”

“But, sir, when I said so to myself on rising this morning, and when I looked round the room to gather courage and comfort from the cheerful aspect of each familiar object in full daylight, there—on the carpet—I saw what gave the distinct lie to my hypothesis,—the veil, torn from top to bottom in two halves!”

I felt Mr. Rochester start and shudder; …

“Now, Janet, I’ll explain to you all about it. It was half dream, half reality: a woman did, I doubt not, enter your room: and that woman was—must have been—Grace Poole.”

SOURCE: Chapter 25 “Jane Eyre”

Kato, how do you know that she was impressed?

You see, Diane, Mr. Rochester and Jane had face-to-face interactions in half dream and half reality, without knowing it.

half dream and half reality?

Yes, that’s it.  For Jane Eyre, Mr. Rochester created a virtual world where the reality was hidden on purpose.  So, in the virtual world, Mr. Rochester and Jane fell in love and seemed to be such an ideal couple as Sana and Adnan were on the net.

What is the reality?

That ghost-like woman in the above episode was not Grace Poole, but Mr. Rochester’s mad wife, whom he hid intentionally.  And as soon as Jane Eyre came to know the mad wife, Jane broke up with Mr. Rochester and escaped from Thornfield Hall.

I see.

The funny thing is that Jane accepted the virtual world at the end and got married with Mr. Rochester, and then the couple lived happily ever after unlike Sana and Adnan.

But, Kato, “Jane Eyre” is a fiction after all.

Yes, that’s right, Diane.  But the fiction tells us that face-to-face interactions in a virtual world sometimes create a great deal of happiness as Mr. Rochester and Jane show at the end.

So, Kato, you belive in the net world, don’t you?

Yes, I do.  And you seemed to agree on this point because you admitted:

Having said that, though, I think it’s great that so many people are influenced and appreciative of your blog.

It must feel good to be able to make that kind of impact.


【Himiko’s Monologue】

Yes, I belive in the net world, too.
Why don’t you believe in that?

Don’t you think that the chatroom will produce couples like Mr. Rochester and Jane in the near future—maybe, even at present?

Oh, well…, the virtual world is one thing; romance is another.

Come to think of it, I’ve never met a decent man in my life.
How come I’m always a loner?
I wish I could meet a nice gentleman at the library in my town as Kato met Diane.
Well, they say, there is a way where there is a will.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …


“Queen Nefertiti”

“Catherine de Medici”

“Catherine the Great”

“Mata Hari”

“Sidonie Colette”

“Marilyn Monroe”

“Hello Diane!”

“I wish you were there!”

“Jane Eyre”

“Jane Eyre Again”

“Jane Eyre in Vancouver”

“Jane Eyre Special”

“Love & Death of Cleopatra”

“Nice Story”


“Spiritual Work or What?”

“What a coincidence!”

“Wind and Water”

“Yoga and Happiness”

“You’re in a good shape”




“Net Travel & Jane”

“Net Love”

“Complicated Love”

“Electra Complex”

“Net Début”

“Inner World”

“Madame Riviera and Burger”

“Roly-poly in the North”

“Amazing Grace”

“Diane in Paris”

“Diane in Montmartre”

“Diane Well Read”




■ 『きれいになったと感じさせる


■ 『ちょっと変わった 新しい古代日本史』

■ 『面白くて楽しいレンゲ物語』

■ 『カナダのバーナビーと軽井沢に


■ 『今すぐに役立つホットな情報』

■ 『 ○ 笑う者には福が来る ○ 』
















Hi, I’m June Adames.

I like a leisurely stroll

while listening to nice music

such as “Sous le Ciel de Paris.”

Sous le Ciel de Paris

by Hideshi Kibi(日本人)

You can find some Japanese musicians in Paris.

Fujiko Hemming also likes Édith Piaf

who sings “Sous le ciel de Paris.”

Sous le ciel de Paris

by Édith Piaf

I like Chanson Française (French song).

How about you?

Kato also love Édith Piaf,

but he considers Juliette Greco’s

“Sous le Ciel de Paris” much beter.

Sous le Ciel de Paris

by Juliette Greco

I believe Yves Montand’s “Sous le Ciel de Paris” is the best of all.

Sous le Ciel de Paris

by Yves Montand

I love Paris, but Vancouver isn’t bad at all.

To tell you the truth, Vancouver is a paradise to me.

Kato thinks that Vancouver is better than Paris.


Here’s a Japanese proverb.

If I translate it literally, it means this:

The lighthouse does not

shine on its base.

It also means this:

The darkest place is

under the candlestick.

I’m pretty sure that your birthplace is a paradise to you.