Bagels@Granville Island

Bagels@Granville Island






Denman-san, is Granville Island a famous spot in Vancouver?

Yes, it is.  Almost all the tourists visiting Vancouver enjoy strolling on Granvile Island.  Mari-chan, I’ll take you to the island when you come to this city.

I’d love to visit the island, but how come it is so famous?

Well … actually, it is not an island.  It might have been an island a long time ago, but it is now connected to the town.  In a sense, it is a fashionable waterfront public market with various kinds of shops, stores and restaurants as well as some entertainments such as theaters and exhibition halls.  If you want to know more about it, click the following link:

“Grandville Island”


Denman-san, is there any particular reason for you to bring up the island?

Good question, Mari-chan!  Yes, there is a good reason.  You would be more than happy to visit the island because there is a bagel shop specializing in authentic Montreal-style bagels.  If you want to know more about the shop, click the link below.



“Siegel’s Bagels at Granville Island”

Denman-san, how come you introduce this shop to me?

‘Cause this shop makes stuffed bagels with smoked meat.



Ummmm… looks delicious.

Indeed, it does, eh?  Mari-chan, I’ll tell you what.  Why don’t you make a Japanese-style stuffed bagel with Satsuma-imo or yam?


Once you make those yam-filled bagels, then you write an article about your special stuffed bagels. And try some more stuffed bagels.  Then you shoule be able to write more articles.

Then what should I do?

Well … once you post a number of articles about various kinds of your Japanese-style stuffed bagels, you might as well contact the shop owner of Siegel’s Bagel Shop.

Do you think, Denman-san, the owner will hire me?

He or she might… In any case, the articles about you are quite popular.

Oh … are they?

Yes, most definitely.  Look at the following list.


Look at Number four.  This article titled “Mari’s Bagels” has been read by 299 Net-surfers.


“Mari’s Babels”

I’m glad to know that so many Net-surfers have read it.

Besides, the same article is also posted on my Denman Blog.
Access from Overseas



“Mari’s Gabels” on Denman Blog

You see, Mari-chan, Net citizens from 99 countries will read the article.

Do you think, Denman-san, prospective employers will read the article?

I’m pretty syre they will read one of those articles about you and your Japanese-style stuffed bagels.

I hope they will read.

So, Mari-chan, make a lot of stuffed bagels with delicious Japanese fillings.  Soon or later, one of prospective employers will get interested in your Japanese-style stuffed bages, and might as well hire you in Vancouver.

I really hope I’ll get a job in Vancouver.


【Himiko’s Monologue】


Have you ever been to Vancouver?

I have.

It is a beautiful and exciting city.


By the way, Mari-chan writes her own blog.

Please click the following link.


“Mari-chan’s Blog”

I hope Denman-san will write another interesting article.

So please come back to see me.

Have a nice day!
Bye bye …



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Hi, I’m June Adames.

In Vancouver is a famous park called “Stanley Park.”

It is a 1,001-acre (roughly 2km X 2km) public park that borders the downtown of Vancouver and is almost entirely surrounded by waters of the Pacific Ocean.


The park has a long history and was one of the first areas to be explored in the city.

The land was originally used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years before British Columbia was colonized by the British during the 1858 Fraser Canyon Gold Rush.

For many years after colonization, the future park with its abundant resources would also be home to nonaboriginal settlers.

The land was later turned into Vancouver’s first park when the city incorporated in 1886.

It was named after Lord Stanley, a British politician who had recently been appointed governor general.

Unlike other large urban parks, Stanley Park is not the creation of a landscape architect, but rather the evolution of a forest and urban space over many years.

Most of the manmade structures we see today were built between 1911 and 1937 under the influence of then superintendent W.S. Rawlings.

Additional attractions, such as a polar bear exhibit, aquarium, and miniature train, were added in the post-war period.

Much of the park remains as densely forested as it was in the late 1800s, with about a half million trees, some of which stand as tall as 76 metres (249 ft) and are up to hundreds of years old.

Thousands of trees were lost (and many replanted) after three major windstorms that took place in the past 100 years, the last in 2006.

Significant effort was put into constructing the near-century-old Vancouver Seawall, which can draw thousands of residents and visitors to the park every day.

The park also features forest trails, beaches, lakes, children’s play areas, and the Vancouver Aquarium, among many other attractions.








『軽井沢タリアセン夫人 – 小百合物語』






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